Welcome to Sultans Of Sprint
  • Sultans of Sprint: “Freak Class” #31
  • Rider: Jo Hecht
  • Bike: “XTpunk”
  • Model: BMW R100 RS
  • Engine Capacity: 1000 CC
  • Engine Type: Naturally Aspired
  • Country Germany

Team Details

Jo Hecht from Gasoline Culture is a gearhead from Germany who decided to build a sprintracer based on a BMW R100RS airhead. Naturally aspirated & slightly tuned the engine will have to move a lightweight bike as Jo removed almost all he could and just added a bit of bodywork made of recycled parts from plane & chopper … and a Yamaha XT 500 gastank.
The airhead sprintracer from Jo is named “XTpunk” so get ready !