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2017 Sultans of Sprint “Style & Engineering” Award.


rewarding technic & style of the 2017 Sultans of Sprint racers !

Judging is by ‘peer-group-review’ in addition to a special jury. That is to say that it is mainly the Sultans of Sprint contenders themselves who choose the winner of this award. For sure it’s not allowed to vote for his own team … but we thought it was a quite fair rule inspired by international bike shows. Votes are evaluating both engineering & technical solutions on one hand but also design & style on the other hand.

The special jury is made up of Fred Krugger​, the famous custom bike builder from Belgium is also 2 times AMD Custom Bike World Champion,  Sacha Lakic​, designer & motorcycle enthusiast also founder of Blacktrack Motors,  Jens Vom Brauck, founder & designer from JvB-moto, and last but not least Jean-Claude Barrois, a great motorfreaker who’s a bit our motorcycle guru and a french Bonneville speed record heroe.
All are also very good friends and Sultans of Sprint challenge strong supporters !

The winner of our “Style & Engineering Award” will be announced during Sultans of Sprint round #3 2017 | Biker’s Classics (BE) on saturday 1st july in the Bikers’ Classics​ Lifestyle Village & released on the web by our friends from Virage8.com.

Sultans of Sprint 2016 season video

THANK YOU for an awesome first season & see you soon on the dragstrips !

#sultansofsprint  #speedisourreligion

Sultans of Sprint finals @ Intermot Customized !

Awesome times & tons of laughs in Cologne !

Intermot in Cologne hosted the Sultans of Sprint challenge 2016 finals and all the Sultans race bikes were presented on a dedicated area of 285 square meters in hall 10.1 “Intermot Customized”. This was a big chance for all the Sultans of Sprint racers to show their crazy fast machines in details and to share their passion with all the visitors of this very important show within the motorcycle industry.
Hand built with 100 wood pallets by Venom Design, Young Guns Speed Shop, St-Brooklyn Motorcycles & Lucky Cat Garage, the booth was enhanced by our friends from Mahr’s Brau who kindly supported by fresh beers. The Sultans of Sprint booth was also great thanks to our partner Instantané which printed great photos for our walls.

Just before the race sunday morning all the Sultans of Sprint were invited to Amadeus Speed Shop for a wonderful party in Cologne. Thumbs up to the Amadeus Speed Shop crew & Jens von JVB Motos for the organization & invitation ! This was a proper party for all the Sultans !

Schlachtwerk's Yamaha "Skinny Beast" faster than ever !

For safety reasons the Sultans of Sprint race on sunday was this time against the clock and not side by side. A new way of racing for the contenders but interesting to see how fast each of the racers gan go on 160 meters for this round …

This time Tommy from Schlachtwerk (GER) on his Yamaha “Skinny Beast” was the fastest just in front of Marco Zesiger from Young Guns Speed Shop (CH) on his Moto Guzzi “Ferdinand the Sparrow”. Seb Lorentz from Lucky Cat Garage (FR) and the BMW “Sprintbeemer” completed the podium with the third place.
Hero of the day Ludwig Asher struggled to start his BMW “L’Etonnante” despite the help of other contenders. He never gave up but did not manage to take the start this time.

FCR Original team (FR) with their “Crazy Bonnie” had to face some traction issue and did not manage to do better than eight position despite some really impressive starts ! Same situation for Radical Guzzi (GER) and their insane “NOSferatu” which suffered from their rear tyre grip to get a better result.

Sultans of Sprint round #4 | Intermot Customized

  1. Schlachtwerk (GER) | Yamaha “Skinny Beast”
  2. Young Guns Speed Shop (CH) | Moto Guzzi “Ferdinand the Sparrow”
  3. The Lucky Cat Garage (FR) | BMW “Sprintbeemer”
  4. Kraftstoffschmiede (GER) |BMW “Cat Killer”
  5. VTR Customs (CH) | BMW “Polizia Uno”
  6. Radical Guzzi (GER) | Moto Guzzi “NOSferatu”
  7. Team 101 (GER) | BMW “StarrSinn”
  8. FCR Original (FR) | Triumph “Crazy Bonnie”
  9. Libner Baloo Racing (FR) | Harley Davidson “XR”
  10. Edelweiss Motorsport (GER) | BMW “90S”
  11. Kingston Custom (GER) | BMW “SprintBoxer”
  12. Sooner or Later Garage (FR) | BMW “Flat Punisher”
  13. Venom Design (FR) | Harley Davidson “Sprintster”
  14. Krautmotors (GER) | BMW “Pure&Crafted”
  15. Blitz Motorcycles (FR) | BMW “Black Pearl”
  16. St-Brooklyn Motorcycles (FR) | BMW “L’Etonnante”

Fotozino Challenge One for St-Brooklyn Motorcycles & Young Guns Speed Shop

Ludwig Asher from St Brooklyn Motorcycles (FR) has been more lucky regarding the Fotozino X Sultans of Sprint Challenge One and got the Fotozino award & 500€ price money at Intermot.
Young Guns Speed Shop won the overall Fotozino Challenge and received the trophy and 1000€ price money for their involvment the all year. Congratulations to both teams & many thanks to Fotozino for the kind support !

#useifyourdare #fotozino #challengeone

Scary factor award goes to Radical Guzzi !

Scary Factor online #fanboost was won by Young Guns Speed Shop but the swiss team decided to gave it to their friends from Radical Guzzi (GER) for their efforts to frighten the competitors on the starting grid with their insane Moto Guzzi “NOSferatu” :
That’s Sultants of Sprint fairplay spirit.

Young Guns Speed Shop winning the Sultans of Sprint 2016 !

Congratulations to the youngest rider for an awesome season !

Young Guns Speed Shop team from Switzerland did really well during the all year: clutch blown at Cafe Racer Festival in Monthléry (FR) but they got the #fanboost award for the “Crew Style”. Probably thanks to their hawaian shirts and smiles !
At Glemseck 101 in Leonberg (GER) in september, Marco was flying to the first place on “Ferdinand the Sparrow” which was back in the game and loaded with nitrous oxyde.
For the final round at Intermot in Cologne (GER), the swiss team was ready to battle again and Marco took really impressive starts allowing their Moto Guzzi to take the second place behind the always fast Yamaha “Skinny Beast” from Schlachtwerk (GER). The last round was giving double points to the participants and the 2016 Sultans of Sprint champion title and the pressure was at his maximum for the fastest team. Marco took it easy and kept cool to take the best out of the swiss bird !
Sultans of Sprint 2016 championship final standings.

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Find out more great shots from Sultans of Sprint round #4 by Marc Holstein, Christine Gabbler, Kati Kayadaek & Antje Roth in our event photo album.

After this first Sultans of Sprint season, we would like to thank for their trust, friendship and great support:
Fotozino, Heidenau, Nude Audio, Classic Machines, Gentlemen’s Factory, Atelier Nord, La Fabrique 3D, Instantané, Nolaroads, Machine 17, Bike Exif, GQ and Intersection Magazine for their trust !

Wheels & Waves, Cafe Racer Festival, Glemseck 101, Intermot Customized for hosting our races !

Marc Holstein, Christine Gabler, Laurent Nivalle, Aurore de Bettignies, Daniel Beres, Antje Roth, Cyril Casagrande, Kevin Renard, Ben Ott, David Marvier, Kati Kayadaek, Claude Fischer, Sabine Falk, Guillaume Ducasse, Frederic Seemann, Laurent Scavone, Doud XIII, Fotografy K, Sascha Feuster, Rémi Desclaux, Aritza Saldibar, MJ Studio, Bikes What Else, EasyrideRocks & David Biene for all the beautiful photos !

Roman Haenicke for filming our races & parties with his camera !

Anorexic Sumotori for the great soundtracks of our videos !

Mahrs Brau for providing us fresh beers at Glemseck 101 & Intermot !

Patricia, Jörn & Jens our fabulous DJ at Monthléry & Glemseck 101 !

SHOEI Europe & Furygan for offering gifts for the fanboost online votes !

All the racers of this first Sultans of Sprint season: Young Guns Speed Shop (CH), Schlachtwerk (GER), VTR Customs (CH), FCR Original (FR), Radical Guzzi (GER), Venom Design (FR), St-Brooklyn Motorcycles (FR), Switch Stance Riding (JPN), Sooner or Later Garage (FR), Wrenchmonkees (DK), Krautmotors (GER), Blitz Motorcycles (FR), Kraftstofschmiede (GER), Plan B Motorcycles (IT), Libner-Baloo Racing (FR), Kingston Custom (GER), Lucky Cat Garage (FR).

Special thanks to Andreas, Claudia, Stefan, Katt, Rémi, Jean-Claude, Gert, Jens, Jörg, Clément, Thomas, Fred, Carsten, Rénia, Laura, Steini, Laurent & Laurence.

Last but not least, many thanks to all the people we met during the all season and who gave us their love & support by following us & sharing our passion for motorcycling, customizing & racing.


Sultans of Sprint 2016 finals video work in progress … stay tuned !

Vote for the team with the best “Scary Factor” !

Crew Style fanboost award: Win a SHOEI JO helmet or a Furygan jacket !

How to impress the competitors on the starting grid or the dragstrip ? that’s the “Scary Factor” !
It’s now your turn to maybe change the Sultans of Sprint standings by voting for the team with the best Scary Factor ! Your vote can change the ranking with the Scary Factor award which will give a direct bonus of 50 points for the winning team !

Thanks to our partners & friends at SHOEI & FURYGAN, you can even win yourself a beautiful open face helmet or a great leather jacket !

Register to our newsletter & then vote for the most stylish crew here ! good luck !

Which team has the best "scary factor" ?

See you at Intermot for the grand final !

Intermot Customized | Köln - Germany | 5th > 9th october 2016

Race sunday 9th october 10:30 am !

Sultans of Sprint 2016 championship grand final will be hosted at Intermot (Cologne – Germany) from 5th to 9th october 2016.
All Sultans of Sprint race bikes will be on display on a dedicated area in the hall 10 (stand H-060 & G-060). We will be pleased to meet you there to share our passion for custom bikes & sprintracing. If speed is also your religion please do not hesitate to come & say hi  !

The final race (giving double points to the teams) will be sunday 9th october at 10:30 am.
Sultans of Sprint award ceremony is scheduled sunday at 1:30 pm on hall 10 main stage. Please join to enjoy the race & support your favorite teams ! We will have some surprises for our fans …

The confirmed participating teams for the final at Intermot: Young Guns Speed Shop (CH), Schlachtwerk (GER), Plan B Motorcycles (IT), Krautmotors (GER), Radical Guzzi (GER), St Brooklyn Motorcycles (FR), Kingston Custom (GER), VTR Customs (CH), Sooner or Later Garage (FR), Blitz Motorcycles (FR), Venom Design (FR), FCR Original (FR), Edelweiss Motorsport (GER), Libner-Baloo Racing (FR), Lucky Cat Garage (FR).

All the teams will battle hard to try to win the 2016 championship as everything is still possible !!!

#intermotcustomized #sultansofsprint #speedisourreligion

St-Brooklyn Motorcycles winning the Racer Style fanboost award !

congratulations Ludwig !

1712 online votes to choose the most stylish Sultans of Sprint Racer !

After one week of online votes to choose the most stylish Sultans of Sprint racer Ludwig from St Brooklyn Motorcycles (FR)  is winning the award and 50 points bonus for the championship. St-Brooklyn Motorcycles BMW “L’Etonnante” is now third of the current standings.

Thumbs up to Schlachtwerk & Young Guns Speed Shop for their fairness & good spirit. They could both have won this award but decided to give their votes to all the other teams (except FCR Original & Lucky Cat Garage).

Thank you to all for the 1712 online votes for the best racer style award. The winner of the SHOEI JO helmet will be announced soon.

Next rendez vous are now the “Scary Factor” fanboost online vote & for sure the grand final race (giving double points) 9th october at Intermot in Köln (GER). Stay tuned !

Vote for the most stylish racer & win a Shoei helmet !

Crew Style fanboost award: Win a SHOEI JO helmet or a Furygan jacket !

easy ! vote for your favorite team & register to our newsletter !

Because we race with style (and smile) it’s now your turn to maybe change the Sultans of Sprint standings by voting for the most stylish racer: bike style combined with rider gears !
Your vote can change the ranking with the Racer Style award which will give a  direct bonus of 50 points to the winning team !

Thanks to our partners & friends SHOEI, you can even win yourself a beautiful premium SHOEI JO open face helmet with integrated visor.

Register to our newsletter & then vote for the most stylish crew here ! good luck !

Which team has the best racer style (rider & bike) ?

Young Guns Speed Shop leading the championship !

Crewstyle #fanboost award winner !

With 943 online votes for the Crew Style #fanboost the battle was tough to define the winner.
St-Brooklyn Motorcycles, Young Guns Speed Shop, Venom Design & Plan B Motorcycles were quickly getting lots of votes but finally the Young Guns Speed Shop hawaian shirts (and probably all their friends & supporters) gave them 10 points just in front of St Brooklyn Motorcycles.
Thanks to the 50 points bonus of the Crew Style #fanboost the team from Switzerland is now leading the championship.

Among the 943 votes we will draw soon the winners of the Shoei JO & Gentlemen’s Factory gears … stay tuned !

Sultans of Sprint | Crew Style | fanboost #1 | online votes results

1. Young Guns Speed Shop (Switzerland) | 22,27%
2. St-Brooklyn Motorcycles (France) | 21,21%
3. Plan B Motorcycles (Italy) | 13,89%
4. Venom Design (France) | 12,83%

all results available on this link.

Great Sultans of Sprint races in Monthléry !

Sultans of Sprint round #2 | Cafe Racer Festival 2016

Great races in Monthléry !

Cafe Racer Festival was hosting the second race of Sultans of Sprint 2016 championship.
The race has been organized as planned on saturday but rainy conditions and wet dragstrip forced to postpone the end of the races to sunday afternoon.
Our japanese guest Toshi from Switch Stance Riding on his Ducati “Royal Pantah” did well beating the Young Guns Speed Shop Moto Guzzi “Ferdinand The Sparrow” which was suffering from a slippery clutch. Great races from the brand new HD “Sprintster” from Venom Design, BMW “Flat Punisher” from Sooner or Later Garage, BMW sprinter from Krautmotors and “L’Etonnante” from St-Brooklyn Motorcycles.
VTR Customs always impressive BMW supercharged “Polizia Uno” was not able to fight properly with a broken belt just before the start. The Buell “Cherry Salt” from Plan B Motorcycles did OK but struggled against Rolf Reick & Sébastien Lorentz on their BMW airheads powered by Edelweiss Motorsport. Dirk Oehlerking had to fight against the fastest Yamaha TR1 on earth: Tommy Vomhinterrof was super fast again with the Schlachtwerk “Skinny Beast” followed by the FCR Original Triumph “Crazy Bonnie”.
Last but not least, the Libner-Baloo Racing team showed impressive take off with their turbocharged BMW “LSR 940B” even if this bike was firstly built to catch land speed records in Bonneville. Was great to see the beast running in Monthléry race track.

Sultans of Sprint round #2 | Cafe Racer Festival 2016 | race results:

1st place: Tommy Vomhinterrof | Schlachtwerk racing (GER) | Yamaha “Skinny Beast”
2nd place: Sébastien Guillemot | FCR Original (FR) | Triumph “Crazy Bonnie”
3rd place: Sébastien Lorentz | The Lucky Cat Garage (FR) |BMW “Sprintbeemer”
4th place: Toshiyuki Kozaka | Switch Stance Riding (JP) | Ducati “Royal Pantah”

Saturday night was also a great highlight of the week end with a great party with contenders and friends sharing good times in the Sultans of Sprint area !

Ludwig from St-Brooklyn Motorcycles was this time the best social racer on Fotozino & he received the fotozino #sultansofsprint challenge one award & 500€ cash he will probably invest in the engine of his BMW “L’Etonnante” to get more speed for the next rounds in Germany !

Many many thanks again to our partners fotozino, nude audio, heidenau, classic machines, gentlemen’s factory, instantané, la fabrique 3D, atelier nord, machine 17, bike exif, GQ & Intersection for their support.
Many thanks also to Cafe Racer for hosting us at Cafe Racer festival in the beautiful race track of Monthléry.

Thumbs up to our photographer friends who did tons of great shots from the Sultans of Sprint races saturday & sunday: Laurent Nivalle, Marc Holstein, Daniel Beres, Cyril Casagrande, Aurore de Bettignies, Guillaume Ducasse, fotography K, Christine Gabler & Doud XIII. You can find all these wonderful shots on sultansofsprint.com/events-photos.

Next Sultans of Sprint race is now scheduled beginning of september in Glemseck 101 (GER) but before you’ll be able to vote for your favourite team for the best crew style fanboost award beginning of july !

Stay tuned  !

Bad luck & good times

Sultans of Sprint round #1 | Wheels & Waves 2016

Bad luck & good times !

Last week Wheels and Waves was to host the very first race of Sultans of Sprint 2016 championship.
However, the weather conditions had decided differently as rain and fog felt upon Jaizkibel and thus hampered any form of competition on friday. Really sad for all the participants who were waiting & preparing this first race for months but racing in  safe conditions was not possible at all.
This did not distract photographer Marc Holstein to gather the contenders on saturday along the Milady beach for some wonderful family pictures.

Missing some action but having clearly no authorization to organize a proper race on saturday we decided to go have fun in the parking lot with the first ever 1/32 mile “push push” dragrace: a 50 meters dragrace without using the engine ! No noise, no burn out, no CO2 emission … but this was kidsfun, smiles, tons of fun & healthy activities before sharing some fresh drinks together saturday night ! This is what Sultans of Sprint is all about !

more photos by Marc Holstein photography > here !

Tommy from Schlachtwerk team (Germany) won the Fotozino #sultansofsprint Challenge One with a little advance on Young Guns Speed Shop (Switzerland). Olivier from Fotozino gave the award sunday noon with wonderful trophy 3D printed by our mates from La Fabrique 3D & 500€ cash. Tommy won thanks to the shares, likes & posts on the fotozino app.

Regarding the championship standings, the Sultans of Sprint round #1 participating teams received 10 bonus points (see rules & rankings). Many many thanks again to our partners fotozino, nude audio, heidenau, classic machines, gentlemen’s factory, instantané, la fabrique 3D, atelier nord, machine 17, bike exif, GQ & Intersection for their support.
Many thanks also to Southsiders MC for hosting us at Wheels & Waves festival.

Next race is scheduled the coming week-end already, on 18th and 18th June, south of Paris, on Montlhéry racetrack during the Café Racer Festival.

See you there !