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Sultans of Sprint rock Glemseck 101 2018 !

Sultans of Sprint Rock Glemseck 101 2018 !

Hard battles in Germany for the Sultans of Sprint 3rd round hosted by Glemseck 101.

Hosted by legendary open air festival Glemseck 101 in Leonberg [ GER ] Sultans of Sprint Challenge 2018 third round was truly awesome with thrilling races on the 1/8 mile dragstrip but also for the insane Sultans of Sprint party.

Many technical issues for lot of race teams in both classes but on the racetrack the battles were really close on the finish line and adrenaline at its highest level.
Good athmosphere & party spirit at their best in the Sultans of Sprint area during the all event !

Sultans of Sprint Factory Class : Victory for Triumph Motorcycles X Mellow Motorcycles team with the Thruxton R « Phantom Blaze ».

The Triumph Motorcycles x Mellow Motorcycles Team #59 [ GER ] started the week end with some minor technical issues which were quickly solved by their technical staff Saturday morning. Professional rider Arne Tode was racing the supercharged Thruxton R for the second time for a Sultans of Sprint race this season. His previous Moto 2 rider skills did again the difference. High Five to Arne who came also on stage to please the crowd with the Triumph team mascot for the Party Monster Bonus !

Triumph Thruxton R "Phantom Blaze" #59
Arne Tode pushing the Thruxton "Phantom Blaze" to victory
Natalie from Triumph Motorcycles happy of this new victory !

Jens Kuck was invited to ride the Yamaha XSR 700 race tuned by Workhorse Speed Shop #8 [ BE ] for Yamaha Motor Europe and achieved a great second place gaining some useful points to the belgian team in the overall standings ! Well done Jens ! Second podium for Yamaha this season.

Jens Kuck on the Yamaha XSR 700 "Sakura"
A great second place for this mighty nitrous oxyde supercharged Yamaha !

Rolf Henniges from Fuel Magazine was chosen to ride the Indian FTR 1200 Custom #12 [ USA ] which was coming back on the dragstrip at this occasion. Super impressive runs for Rolf on this beautiful prototype but that wasn’t enough this time to win the battle but more than enough to please the crowd with the amazing sound & bit of wheelspin & smoke on the strip ! The new rear tyre with softer coumpound used for this round on the FTR 1200 could also explain the traction problem Rolf faced … so watch out the Indian Motorcycle team is really back in the game !

Rolf Henniges on the FTR 1200 Custom
Mr Throttle ... the mascot of Indian Motorcycle Team !
Grant Betster & Rolf Henniges

Rolf Reick from BMW Motorrad x Krautmotors Team #19 [ GER ] was presenting his BMW R nineT with again a completely new bodywork which seems to make the bike fly faster as he achieved a great 3rd place. Also racing in the Freak Class and organizing the Starr Wars race in Glemseck 101 Rolf is also a very experienced rider in sprint racing ….

Rolf Reick warming his rear tire on the BMW R nineT "Little Go Beep"

Amelie Mooseder from BMW Motorrad x VTR Customs Team #85 [ GER ] had some hard times on the start and struggled a bit to find out the proper traction & keep the line with the incredible BMW R 1200 R « Spitfire » built by the talented swiss team.

Amelie Mooseder on the BMW R1200R "Spitfire"

All teams really played the Sultans of Sprint challenge game and entered the Party Monster Bonus Challenge with great choregraphies for their mascot : « Mr Throttle » for Indian Motorcycle, « Teddy » for Triumph Motorcycles x Mellow Motorcycles Team, « Godzilla » for Yamaha Motor Europe x Workhorse Speed Shop Team, an unexpected dino for BMW Motorrad x VTR Customs Team and « Little Go Beep » for BMW Motorrad x Krautmotors Team. Thanks a lot for their commitment to show what Sultans of Sprint is all about : Race hard, party harder !

Sultans of Sprint Freak Class : First place for South Garage Motorcycles with Daniele Ghiselli with their « Superhero ».

Daniele Ghiselli did really a very good job at the handlebar of the « Superhero » #16 built by South Garage Motorcycles in Milano [ IT ]. Fearless of the fastest teams, focused and probably boosted by the support of his daugthers and wife, Daniele was clearly flying fast for this third Sultans of Sprint round of the Sultans of Sprint Freak Class!

Despite issues with his nitrous oxyde system Phil Ludwig managed to finish at a well deserved second place with his 4 valves 900cc nitrous BMW « Hercules » from Team Krafstoffschmiede #46 [ GER ].

Third place for rookie rider Yong Kim « Macaco » #25 with the mighty Yamaha « Skinny Beast » from Team Schlachtwerk [ GER ].

As special guest Royal Enfield was also racing with the Sultans of Sprint Freak Class with their beautiful prototype named « Lock Stock » using the brand new 650cc twin cylinder engine which will equip the models of the brand. But this in-house built prototype is very special and use a full custom Harris frame and highly tuned engine by S&S. On the track the Royal Enfield ridden by Paul Young had to fight directly against one of the strongest team with the one and only one FCR Original with their legendary Triumph Crazy Bonnie.
Paul on the Royal Enfield did a very impressive test run and even more impressive race but unfortunately had a shifter problem which clearly get him out against the mighty french team. Whatever the 2 bikes were very close on the finish line and this just means that this Royal Enfield engine is clearly strong enough to join the Sultans of Sprint Factory Class … Subbu, Adrian ?

Unfortunately and despite the support & help of each other some teams were not able to enter this round despite all the efforts : bike crashed in a test run few days before the event for Team Radical Guzzi [ GER ] with the NOSferaTURBO, broken valve for Team Moonraker [ GER ] when warming up the engine few hours before the race and ignition issues for St Brooklyn Team [ FR ] with the new BMW named « L’Intrépide ».

Overall all the races were very tight & all riders battled hard on the dragstrip with quite often super close distances on the finish line !

FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie" #9
Gasoline Culture "XTpunk" #31
Venom Design "The Sprintster" #14
VTR Customs "Polizia Uno" #33
Kradmelder "The Dark Side" #22
MotoCandy Race Division "Lolly Pop" #44
Libner Racing "Felino" #18
Bcan Race "The Bee" #34
Schlachtwerk "Wasabi" #7
Lucky Cat Garage "Bombinette" #17
Cafe Ricycles "Nervous" #81
Schlachtwerk "Skiiny Beast" #25
South Garage "The Drake" #69
Libner Racing "Blue Racer" #49
Radical Guzzi "NOSferatu" #66
Andy Baba 's moderation
NowhereFast "NowhereFaster" #91
H-Skull "Balinese Kiss" #06
Sultans of Sprint Race Crew
KD Motorcycles "Il Veloce" #19
Hermanus "Defender of the good times" #53
South Garage Squadra Veloce

Incredible Sultans of Sprint party Saturday night with the Party Monster Bonus challenge.

The Sultans of Sprint challenge rewards the performance of the teams & riders on the race track but also their creativity, sense of humour and party mood through the « Party Monster Bonus ». Saturday all teams were asked to perform a dance with their mascot & riders on a podium next to the Sultans of Sprint area to start the party and please the crowd !
That was just fabulous to see how almost every team from Factory & Freak classes has play the game and had big fun in front of an incredible & super enthusiastic crowd of spectators !
Many thanks to Duvel beers & Sailor Jerry for supplying the Sultans of Sprint hospitality with nice drinks for all teams & guests.

Sultans of Sprint 2018 Challenge current standings.

Regarding the rankings the game is still very opened as the finals will give double points to the participants and clearly in both Factory and Freak Classes nobody can now say who are going to be the 2018 champions until the finals !

High Fives & Special Thanks !

Special thanks to : Jörn & Jens for the DJ Set, Laura, Axel, Ralph, Patrick & the all Glemseck 101 Poets of Sprint crew, Matteo Adreani from the Reunion for organizing Little Italy next to our booth, Jorg Litzenburger, Peter Herrle, Sabine Schermer and Steven Flier from 101 team and all the Sultans of Sprint crew !

Thumbs up to TV1.eu which was taking care of the livre streaming of Glemseck 101 races :

Sultans of Sprint Factory Class race : https://youtu.be/DB8vVFwA3uQ?t=1h38m5s

Sultans of Sprint Freak Class race : https://youtu.be/DB8vVFwA3uQ?t=2h14m8s

Many thanks again to all our friends, supporters and race teams and for sure our sponsors & partners A-XOC, RM Paint, Kytone, Indivisual Creative, BMW Motorrad, Triumph Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycle, Yamaha Motor Europe !

Now it’s time to go back in the workshops to fix & fine tune all the sprintracers to get ready to fight on the dragstrip  for the finals hosted by DANDY RIDERS FESTIVAL in St Raphael [FR] from 28 to 30th september !

Find out ALL PHOTOS HERE by Christine Gabler, Kati Dalek, Tadashi Kono, Sascha Feuster, Zjerome, Marc Holstein & Claude Fischer.

Sultans of Sprint 2018 round #3 @ Glemseck 101

Sultans of Sprint 2018 round #3 @ Glemseck 101

Let's rock Germany !

After the first 2018 rounds in Monza (IT) & SPA Francorchamps (BE) and a good summer break Sultans of Sprint teams are now looking forward to head to Glemseck 101 taking place in Leonberg (GER).
Glemseck 101 is the biggest sprint racing & cafe racers open air festival in Germany and we are more than happy to be there again this year. All teams are finishing to prepare the last details to get their machines ready to rock the dragstrip on the Solitude racetrack.

Live Streaming on TV1.eu !

For the first time you will be able to watch Sultans of Sprint live without being on the spot thanks to the Glemseck 101 festival livestream on TV1.eu !
A great opportunity to look & feel what Sultans of Sprint & Glemseck 101 are all about !

Sultans of Sprint RACE #3 Agenda

Here are the key moments for Sultans of Sprint Race #3:

19:30 – Technical inspection for all bikes (Factory & Freak Classes) [ SoS area ]

11:00 – Briefing & starting grid random pick up [ SoS area ]
14:30 – Sultans of Sprint RACES (Factory & Freak Classes) [ Race track ]
19:30 – Awards ceremony [ Main stage ]
20:00 – Sultans of Sprint Party with DJ set from Jens & Jörn. Open dance floor in front of SoS area.
21:30 – Sultans of Sprint Party Monster bonus challenge [ SoS area ]

all day : Race bikes exhibition in our paddock [ SoS area ]
13:00 – “Best of the Best Race”: Sultans of Sprint Freak Class winner will race against the fastest bikes from other classes [ Race track ]


The all week end our  Sultans of Sprint merch shop will be opened if you want to get some good Sultans of Sprint gears.
We are looking forward to meet you there !!!

Hot times for Sultans of Sprint in Belgium !

Super hot temperatures & thrilling races at SPA Francorchamps

Amazing second round of Sultans of Sprint 2018 Challenge.

Hosted by Bikers’Classics in SPA Francorchamps racetrack Sultans of Sprint Challenge 2018 second round had been a hot blast. With very hot temperature the weather had nothing to do with last year: almost 40°C in the shade !!!
These very high temperatures was the main challenge to face on the track for all Sultans of Sprint sprintracers, riders & teams … who said Belgium can’t be hot & sunny ?

With a shorter track than usual the game was a bit different and power was not the main thing this time. More than ever the start was playing an essential role for success on the belgian track and traction has been again the key leading to victory. With these unusual high temperatures it was not that easy to find out the proper grip to take off and both riders & bikes have suffered a lot from heat.

Sultans of Sprint 2018 Factory Class Challenge: Victory for Triumph Germany X Mellow Motorcycles Team

Triumph Germany X Mellow Motorcycles Team has clinched a shock victory at the 2018 Sultans of Sprint Factory Class challenge second race. The former Moto2 race rider Arne Tode made the best use of the Triumph Thruxton R “Phantom Blaze” and found out quickly how to get the grip with the supercharged engine of this amazing machine.

A great second place for Rolf Reick on his BMW R nine T X Krautmotors “Little Go Beep” #19 which was featuring a new copper bodywork. Not sure this color made his bike faster but clearly Rolf was really in a good shape finishing just ahead of the insane Yamaha Motor XSR 700 “Sakura” built by Workhorse Speed Shop & ridden by Andy Geeroms.

4th place for Amelie Mooseder on the BMW R1200R X VTR Customs “Spitfire”. Amelie pushed hard but the others were faster on this shorter track this time.

Indian Motorcycle couldn’t participate in Belgium because of an incident the week end before with their FTR 1200 Custom. The prototype is currently being fixed to come back on the dragstrip to compete at the next round hosted by Glemseck 101 beginning of September.

Triumph Germany X Mellow Motorcycles leads the current 2018 Factory Class standings by 40 points with this victory in Belgium.

Sultans of Sprint 2018 Freak Class Challenge: 1st place for Radical Guzzi Team #66 with Simon on "NOSferatu"

For their third season in a row Radical Guzzi team finally got a very well deserved first place with Simon Bronold riding the crazy Moto Guzzi NOSferatu #66. Strugling to find out how to findd the proper traction for their super powerful Moto Guzzi nitrous injected engine the german team finally made it on top of the podium : determination, commitment & hard work paid off finally !!!

A great second place for Daniele Ghiselli on the SouthGarage Squadra Veloce “The Superhero” Ducati #16 just ahead Philip Ludwig #46 on his nitrous oxyde injected Kraftstoffschmiede BMW 4 valves “Hercules”.
4th place for Laurence #17 on her Lucky Cat Garage BMW 2 valves “Bombinette” who did really well finding quickly the right balance with the throttle on the starting grid.

Many teams suffered from Nitrous or clutch issues because of the unusual heat as FCR Original with their Triumph “Crazy Bonnie” for instance.

Kraftstoffschmiede Team #46 is currently leading the 2018 standings with 167 points ahead Radical Guzzi #66 & Schlachwerk #25 teams.

Sultans of Sprint SPA special: a friendly girl sprintrace with Mai-Lin / Louis Motorrad as special guest.

Mai-Lin is a stuntrider girl representing Louis Motorrad. Partners of Sultans of Sprint 2018 Challenge we decided to organize a friendly competition between the female riders of the challenge to compete with her: Evy from Team Hermanus #53, Amelie Mooseder from Team BMW Motorrad X VTR Customs #85, Laurence from Team Lucky Cat Garage #17 as well as Barbara on Jo Hecht’s Gasoline Culture BMW “XT Punk” #31 & Manuela on Rolf’s Krautmotors BMW “Little Go Beep” battled just for fun on the dragstrip.
With her V4 powered Louis Motorrad cafe racer Mai-Lin was much too fast but we should really cheer Evy for a great second place !

Sultans of Sprint "Party Monster Bonus": a crazy sprint race combining longboard & velosolex !

Sultans of Sprint “Party Monster Bonus” … was this time a sprint race combining longboard & velosolex presented by A-XOC !
A real sprint race for which riders & mascots were involved: the mascot on the velosolex moped pulling the rider on a longboard. Not so easy for beginners & clearly a good way to test the A-XOC protective underwear gears !!!!

All participant contenders got the 10 bonus points & we really congrat all riders & mascots for facing again the belgium heat for this last challenge on the track.

Insane after race party at Sultans of Sprint booth !

Thanks to our partners Duvel & Sailor Jerry but also a great DJ set from Dorsan the legendary Sultans of Sprint after race party was at its best saturday night in the Bikers’Classics Lifestyle Village. Not only performing a great show on the dragstrip Sultans of Sprint showed again to be an absolute benchmark when it comes to become party animals !

Many thanks to the all organization crew : Laura at the flag, Marine & Laurence at the hospitality, Fred at the bar, Andreas at the microphone, Axel, Ralf & Patrick at the racetrack as well as photographer friends Christine Gabler, Marc Holstein, Ben Ott, Michael Rauscher, Cyril Casagrande, Antoine Hotermans, Kati Dalek & ZJerome and the video crew with Benjamin & Antoine.

Find out all photos from Sultans of Sprint second round ON THIS LINK & the current 2018 standings HERE !

Stay tuned for the next step: online vote to choose for the best 2018 Sultans of Sprint sprintracer for the “Best Style & Enginnering Award” on Pipeburn !

Next race will be hosted by Glemseck 101 in Leonberg [GER] 31st august / 1st & 2nd september.

Race 2 at Bikers Classics this week end !



Located on the great SPA Francorchamps race track Bikers’Classics is the biggest classic racing festival in Europe and is hosting the second race of the 2018 Sultans of Sprint season.

Agenda for the week end :

Arrival of participants & teams / exhibition on the Sultans of Sprint area hosted by the Lifestyle Village

10:00 General briefing & starting grid.
12:30 Gathering & parade of the Sultans of Sprint teams to join the racetrack.
13:00 Free practice.
13:30 Sultans of Sprint Factory Class race !
14:00 Sultans of Sprint Freak Class race !
15:30 Sultans of Sprint Party Monster Bonus race !
19:00 Podium & awards ceremony at Sultans of Sprint area (lifestyle village).
21:30 Chill out, party & DJ set at Sultans of Sprint area.

Exhibition of all the race bikes on Sultans of Sprint area in the Lifestyle village.

More infos on bikersclassics.be

Awesome season opening for the 2018 Sultans of Sprint Challenge in Monza !

Awesome season opening for the 2018 Sultans of Sprint Challenge in Monza !


This Sultans of Sprint  2018 season opening in Italy hosted by The Reunion in the beautiful Autodromo di Monza has been truly  awesome.

The weather was not on our side on saturday and the race has been cancelled because of rain & much too slipery track conditions. We have been able to postpone the Sultans of Sprint races on sunday thanks to the support of Matteo from the Reunion & the great work of our Race Management crew who did a perfect work the all week end.

Despite the cancellation of races on Saturday, the all Sultans of Sprint circus did a great show enhanced by color smokes & the unexpected oriental dance show performed by the beautiful Emanuela. The mood of all racers & teams was positive also thanks to the hospitality & our bartenders in the booth. The « Party Monster bonus » which took place Saturday night .

For this round all the riders were supposed to enter a limbo contest … and most of them did it with a big enthusiasm despite a complete unfair rule based on the height of their race bike. But this is a bonus for fun & all the participating riders got the 10 points of this « Party Monster Bonus ». Pure Sultans of Sprint spirit.

Sultans of Sprint Factory Class rocks Monza !

The Sultans of Sprint Factory Class full filled expectations with awesome sprintracers presented by BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Triumph Motorcycles Germany & Yamaha Motor Europe.

The rules are simple as the tuned bike has to be based a twin cylinder 4 stroke water or air cooled which keeps a limited power to weight ratio set by the organization.

The thrilling races proves the power to weight ratio rules concept works as planned. All participating bikes of this Factory Class have been successfully controlled on the power bench & weight measured (including rider) before the races. All plugs from ECU, supercharger pulleys … have been then marked with a special paint paste made in collaboration with RM Paint.

The battles on the dragstrip have been tight but always fair and none of the bike was dominating the races for the pleasure of all spectactors as the suspense was at its best.

Big suprise has been for all the performances of the Indian FTR1200 Custom. Despite a rear flat track knobby tire the rider Lorenzo managed to take very good starts and won in the finals against the outstanding BMW R1200R “Spitfire” from team VTR Customs ridden by Amelie.


Third place at the sprintrace for Triumph Motorcycles / Mellow Motorcycles Team with the customized Triumph Thruxton R named « Phantom Blaze » and ridden fast by Paul Sauter.

Nicolo Canepa was intended to be the rider of the mighty Yamaha XSR700 « Sakura » built by Workhorse Speed Shop representing Yamaha Motor Europe. Unfortunately he was booked on Sunday & has been replaced by Andy Geeroms from Hermanus. Without test Andy finished to a nice fourth place after battling hard and demonstrating that choosing the smallest twin was rather a good idea.

Fifth place for Rolf Reick representing BMW Motorrad with his customized BMW R nine T « Little Go Beep ». You will hear more soon of this bike with its very interesting modular bodywork concept.
Indian Motorcycle Team is 2nd of the general rankings behind Triumph Motorcycles team which took a little advantage thanks to their mascot (+5 points) and BMW Motorrad / VTR Customs team is 3rd.

Sultans of Sprint Freak Class with an amazing line up !

Freak Class is the historical category of Sultans of Sprint. In this category the rules are a bit less restrictive but the bikes have to be 4 stroke air cooled twin cylinder engine powered with a maximum capacity of 1700 cc for naturally aspirated engines & 1100 cc for supercharged engine (nitrous oxyde, turbocharger or supercharger). The other main limit is the rear tire which can not exceed 160mm width for square profiles and 190mm for round profiles.
Freak Class participants performed also a big show on the track at The Reunion with a line up of insane sprintracers.

In the freak class, many new awesome bikes were presented & raced for the first time in Monza : too much new machines to mention but we invite you to discover them soon on our website !


The track conditions were perfect with the refurbished tarmac of the straight line of the historical Monza track.

FCR Original team from France with Mathieu Ménard on the Triumph « Crazy Bonnie » #9 was the fastest of this week end finishing to a well deserved first place ahead Philipp Ludwig from Kraftstoffschmiede Team from Germany with the BMW « Hercules » #46.

Third place on the podium for a newcomer : Yong « Macaco » Kim from Schlachtwerk Team (Germany) on the Yamaha « Skinny Beast » #7 which performed well despite some troubles with the exhaust header.

Taking a little advantage thanks to the bonus for their mascots, « Hercules » #46 is leading the general standings in front of « Skinny Beast » #7 & « Crazy Bonnie » #9 !

All these crazy sprintracers built by professional workshops or super talented private enthusiasts have really impressed again by their velocity. The team’s macots associated with the Sultans of Sprint mascot « Andy Baba » but also the lovely Emanuela who performed an unexpected oriental dance with swords formed a real crazy freak show of the turbocharged flying carpets : this is Sultans of Sprint ! Velocity, creativity, poetry and speed !
Sultans of Sprint had also the pleasure to welcome SHOEI Europe which was releasing the brand new vintage full face helmet EX-Zero … a world premiere which raised already a lot of attention from participants & visitors in Monza !
Our partners A-XOC were also having a super nice surprise for all the riders offering to each of them a complete set of their high tech protective underwear gears.

The Sultans of Sprint lifestyle collection made in collaboration with french artist Nikibi was also presented for the first time and will be available online soon.

Last but not least, our partners & friends from Indivisual Creative agency did not only a wonderful work on all Sultans of Sprint info sheets, team boards and graphics but also took care of social media « lives » followed by thousands of enthusiasts online !!!

Photos by Marc Holstein & Christine Gabler, Ben Ott, ZJerome & Mike C. > find out more HERE !

We are now looking forward to see the visitors of Bike Shed London this week end and then to gather all teams again at the second round hosted by Bikers’Classics on 29/30 june & 1st july in SPA Francorchamps (Belgium).

Sultans of Sprint 2018 Challenge !

Creativity, performance and a good sense of humor are the key components of Sultans of Sprint 2018 challenge.
We gather the best customizers from all over Europe to race against each other & party together !

For this new season: many new awesome race bikes & teams and 2 categories:

> Sultans of Sprint “FREAK CLASS” for the independent workshops & gearheads.

> Sultans of Sprint “FACTORY CLASS” with the support of BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Triumph Motorcycles & Yamaha Motor Europe.


See you soon at The Reunion / Monza (Italy) for the first chapteron 19th & 20th may.

#speedisourreligion #morethanjustsprintracing


Stay tuned for more infos soon !