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Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge Round #2 REPORT @ Cafe Racer Festival !

Thrilling Sultans of Sprint 2019 first races for #FactoryClass & #FreakClass in Monthléry.

The 2019 Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass & #FreakClass Challenges kicked off finally with the races at Cafe Racer Festival in Monthléry, France over the weekend of 21st, 22nd & 23rd June.

Sunny hot weather first summer days were finally bringing the perfect conditions for the Sultans of Sprint after a rainy season opening cancelling the races in Monza.


The very spectacular racing from all contenders old and new in both classes – and on their equally super spectacular machines old and new – promises that we are in for an other memorable season, which is bound to be full of surprises.

Here’s your round-up of Round 2 of these two Sultans of Sprint classes , along with the results from each class so you know who to keep your eye on as the season progresses !

Technical Control powered by Motul & Rothewald

A complete technical control has been performed on Friday by the Sultans of Sprint Race Crew to check on all bikes that they were compliant with the rules on both safety & technical requirements points of view.

FactoryClass bikes were on top controlled on a power bench & weighing machine to ensure they were perfectly fullfilling the power to weight ratio limitation to guarantee a fair competition between the very different sprintracer concepts involved in this specific class.

Philip Ludwig comments : « Years ago I was a mechanic for the BMW BoxerCup and I was a fan of Randy Mamola who was the ambassador of this race serie. Today I am on the podium with him and on the first place. It’s just incredible ! »

A solid 4th place for Curtiss Wright / Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04 [INDIA] and their tuned Continental GT 650 « Two Smoking Barrels » ahead an incredible Taylor McKenzie / Team Harley Davidson #03 [USA] on the mighty Harley Davidson « Sprint Glide ». The most powerful bike of the class is also the heaviest but clearly made a big show with rear wheel spin on nearly the all distance ! wow !

With the smallest engine of the series the Royal Enfield « Two Smoking Barrels » built by Sinroja Motorcycles with Curtiss Wright showed up an amazing level of performances ! Well done boys !

Sultans of Sprint Technical Control
AXOC AntiGravity Contest
AXOC AntiGravity Contest
Sultans of Sprint Technical Control
Sultans of Sprint Technical Control with Powerbench
power measured at the rear wheel
Sprint Glide on the powerbench

This Technical Control area was then used as dedicated space for all contenders to wrench, fix or fine tuned their race bikes during the all week end thanks to the great Rothewald tools supplied by our friends from Louis Motorrad & for sure Motul lubricants.

Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass challenge races

BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson were presenting with their respective teams to show up what their sprintracers were able to on the strip.

The power to weight ratio concept rules appeared again to be very relevant with some very tough battles between the riders to decide who was the fastest.

Parade of #FactoryClass bikes !
Parade of #FactoryClass bikes
#FactoryClass team parade
#FactoryClass teams parade
Parade of #FactoryClass bikes.
#FactoryClass teams parade
#FactoryClass team parade
#FactoryClass team parade

On the french track with a perfect grip, all contenders showed up a high level of skills and great performance with very close results each time.

Phil Ludwig on his BMW R1250RS "Achilles" was the fastest of #FactoryClass

It was this time Philipp Ludwig [GER] from Team Kraftstoffschmiede x BMW Motorrad #54 on his BMW R1250RS « Achilles » who was able to take a convincing win leading ahead Amelie Mooseder [GER] on her BMW R1200R « Spitfire » from Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad #85 for the second place.

Randy Mamola [USA] did very well for his first time racing Sultans of Sprint achieving a well deserved 3rd place on the Indian 1200 Scout « Appaloosa » from Team Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop #19.

2nd place for Amelie Mooseder on her BMW R1200R "Spitfire"
Taylor McKenzie on his Harley Davidson "SprintGlide"
3rd place for Randy Mamola on his Indian Appaloosa.
Curtiss Wright at full speed on his Royal Enfield "Two Smoking Barrels"
Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass podium Monthléry 2019

Find out more shots from #FactoryClass Challenge 2019 round 2 races on this LINK.

Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass challenge races

The Autodrome tribunes were fully packed when Sultans of Sprint teams from both classes entered the straight line of Monthléry. Riders, bikes & teams presentation in the pitlane.

Cafe Racer Festival claimed nearly 17000 visitors on 2 days and clearly a good part of them saw the Sultans of Sprint Race Exhibition or visited the massive 520m2 dedicated to Sultans of Sprint in the village as well as during the parade organized before to join the track for the Race Exhibition Saturday.

packed tribunes & pitlane for Sultans of Sprint

The last 8 of Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass were able to finish their race on saturday & to please the crowd with the fastest qualified machines.
On a shorter exhibition track the fastest on the start showed again their skills to manage a rocket launch of their incredible machines. 

#50 Libner Racing vs #46 Kraftstoffschmiede
#30 CR Racing vs #16 South Garage
#14 VEnomDesign vs #66 Radical Guzzi
#30 CR Racing vs #16 South Garage
#46 Kraftstoffschmiede vs #16 SouthGarage battlng for the 1st place
#66 Radical Guzzi vs #17 Lucky Cat Garage battling for the 3rd place
#22 Kradmelder Service "Dark Side"
#46 Kraftstoffschmiede vs #16 SouthGarage battlng for the 1st place

Daniele Ghiselli [IT] on his SouthGarage tuned « SuperHero » #16 finished at the 1st place of the podium ahead Philipp Ludwig [GER] on his home made BMW 4 valves Kraftstoffschmiede « Hercules » #46 reaching 2nd place. Finally Simon Bronold [GER] on his Radical Guzzi « NOSferatu » #66 took the 3rd place against Laurence Chatokhine [FR] riding the Lucky Cat Garage BMW « Bombinette » #17 finishing 4th of this 2019 Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass race round.

Podium of #FreakClass race Monthléry 2019

Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass & #FreakClass Race Exhibition

After these last races of Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass to decide the rankings, it was time again for the #FactoryClass to show up on the track.
The least we can say is the #FactoryClass riders know how to please the crowd with massive burnout, wheelies & amazing on such a tiny track. What a great show !

Show time with Royal Enfield & Indian Motorcycle racers !
Incredible starts of Phil Ludwig on his BMW "Achilles"
Taylor McKenzie burning his Harley Davidson rear tire the all way !
Amelie and her BMW "Spitfire" pleasing the crowd of Monthléry
Burn baby burn !

Then, many #FreakClass riders took the chance to ride as much as they could to test their bikes & improve their starting skills … but always pleasing the crowd with some massive burnouts & fast starts !

#81 CafeRicycles "Nervous"
#18 Riverside Goatkeepers "Buelldozer"
FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie"
#Rivertown Custom Cycles "Good Riddance"
#33 VTR Customs "Polizia Uno"
#69 SouthGarage "The Drake"
#11 St Brooklyn Motorcycles "L'Intrepide"
#31 Gasoline Culture "XT Punk"
#79 Libner Racing "DragonFly2"
#88 Lanciati "Flying Lasagna"
#86 Radical Guzzi NOSferaTWO
#44 Moto Candy "Lolly Pop"

Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest

For the very first time of Sultans of Sprint and for the pleasure of visitors Sultans of Sprint was offering a « Sound Pressure Contest » Saturday afternoon. The goal was clear : let’s make a maximum of noise !

A sound level meter was used to mesure how loud the race bikes are … but also the riders ! The addition of these 2 figures was defining the winners.

Sound Pressure Contest with #FactoryClass bikes & riders
Sound Pressure Contest
Randy Mamola screaming for the #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Philipp Ludwig pushing the level for #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Amelie Mooseder screaming high for the #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Sound Pressure Contest
Curtiss Wright showing how powerful his vocal cords are !
is "Achilles" loud enough ?
Mascot on point for the #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Congrats Amelie !

For this contest the loudest couple was suprisingly Amelie Mooseder & her BMW R1200R « Spitfire » from team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad !


Amelie takes home the trophy of the 2019 Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass « Sound Pressure Contest » making the difference with her loud screams. Powerful vocal cords Amelie !

#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest winner: Amelie Mooseder / Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad

Sultans of Sprint Party Monster Bonus

The legendary Sultans of Sprint « Party Monster Bonus » was this time the unfair « Limbo contest » in which all riders have to dance passing under the height of their own bikes.
In some cases (and finally most of them) that’s nearly impossible without training but big fun & entertainement after a long day on track & good way to warm up before a long party until late.

Thanks to Dorsan, our DJ for this season, spinning an outstanding selection of records the Sultans of Sprint party was getting high & hot with most of participants, team members, friends & fans dancing next to the Sultans of Sprint camp.

As usual all team members were welcomed in the Sultans of Sprint hospitality for some fresh beers, Sailor Jerry shooters and for the first time some Monster Energy cans in various flavours to keep partying hard until late !

Sultans of Sprint Exhibition Area

The all weekend the Sultans of Sprint was offering the greatest sprintracers exhibition in the Cafe Racer Festival village. A great opportunity to check the Sultans of Sprint beasts from #FactoryClass and #FreakClass in all details but also the chance to meet riders and teams.

AXOC Antigravity Contest

For the first time also Sultans of Sprint is organizing the AXOC Antigravity Contest which is a challenge for the teams to tackle and try to get a prize money of 1000€ in total !

AXOC is a new brand offering high level protectors in underwear jackets & pants for motorcycling and all kind of outdoor activities where shock protection is required.

AXOC AntiGravity Contest

This time the AXOC AntiGravity Contest was a sprintrace without bikes : in a dedicated inflatable corridor one against one the goal was to put a pad as far as possible with a big string calling you back. Riders of both classes or team members were called to take part and this is Curtiss Wright from Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04 #FactoryClass who performed best in this crazy challenge. Epic ! Congrats Curtiss !

Thumbs up also to Xavier from Team Riverside Goatkeepers #18 #FreakClass finishing at second place & Carsten from Team Kradmelder Service #22 #FreakClass achieving third place of this AXOC AntiGravity Contest.

Curtiss Wright #04 #FactoryClass Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield winning the AXOC AntiGravity Contest

Sultans of Sprint Round #2 / Trophies, Awards & Race Winners

#FreakClass Race
1st place  Daniele Ghiselli / Team SouthGarage [IT] / « Superhero » / #16
2nd place  Philipp Ludwig / Team Krafstoffschmiede [GER] / « Hercules » / #46
3rd place  Simon Bronold / Team Radical Guzzi [GER] / « NOSferatu » / #66

#FactoryClass Race
1st place  Philipp Ludwig / Team Kraftstoffschmiede x BMW Motorrad / R1250RS « Achilles » / #54
2nd place  Amelie Mooseder / Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad / R1200R « Spitfire » / #85
3rd place  Randy Mamola / Team Workhorse Speed Shop x Indian Motorcycle / Scout 1200 « Appaloosa » / #19

#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
1st place  Amelie Mooseder / / Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad / R1200R « Spitfire » / #85
2nd place  Philipp Ludwig / Team Kraftstoffschmiede x BMW Motorrad / R1250RS « Achilles » / #54
3rd place  Curtiss Wright / Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04

AXOC AntiGravity Contest
1st place  Curtiss Wright / Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04 #FactoryClass
2nd place  Xavier Chante / Team Riverside Goatkeepers #18 #FreakClass
3rd place  Carsten Hoffman / Team Kradmelder Service #22 #FreakClass

See you in Germany at Glemseck 101 !

Next round for the Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge will gather again all teams heading to Germany for Glemseck 101 30th 31st august & 1st september.

 See you there for the 2019 finals !

#81 CafeRicycles "Nervous"
#18 Riverside Goatkeepers "Buelldozer"
FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie"
#Rivertown Custom Cycles "Good Riddance"

Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge Round #2 PREVIEW @ Cafe Racer Festival !

Race preview: Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge round #2.

Cafe Racer Festival - Autodrome de Linas Monthléry, France.

After an epic & rainy season opening of the Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge in Monza (Italy) hosted by The Reunion we’re heading to the beautiful historical french temple of Speed which is the Autodrome de Linas Monthléry for the 7th edition of Cafe Racer Festival on june 22nd & 23rd.

This race counts as round 2 of our European challenge and will gather again the fastest & craziest motorcycle sprintracing teams from all over Europe.
Harley Davidson, BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Royal Enfield & Yamaha will be with us to exhibit & race their #factoryclass teams along with all #freakclass teams !

The Sultans of Sprint #factoryclass & #freakclass races will take place friday 21st on a dedicated private track. You’ll be able to follow the races live on our Instagram account from 5 to 7 pm friday 21st june.

Saturday we will be happy to perform a Sultans of Sprint Race exhibition on the main straight line of the Autodrome from 5 to 7 pm.

Saturday night the legendary Sultans of Sprint party will take place at our area in the Cafe Racer Festival village. The Sultans of Sprint Party Monster bonus will involved riders, bikes & mascots so don’t miss it !

Sunday the teams are invited to enter the AXOC Gravity contest from 1pm to 3pm. A crazy challenge for the riders & their mascots for a prize money award !

All week end please come & say hi to meet the riders, teams & their crazy machines at our booth in the Cafe Racer Festival 2019 village.

Running order & racing times

Here’s the information we have on the timings for Sultans of Sprint @Cafe Racer Festival:

Friday 21st June
13:00 – 15:00 – Technical Control
15:30 – Race briefing
17:00 – 19:00 RACES for both classes

Saturday 22nd June
14:30 – Sound pressure contest for #factoryclass
16:45 – Sultans of Sprint parade
17:00 – 19:00 – RACE EXHIBITION with both classes
20:30 – Awards & prize giving in the Sultans of Sprint area
22:15 – Sultans of Sprint Party Monster Bonus

Sunday 23rd June
13:00 – 15:00 – AXOC Antigravity Contest
15:30 – Prize giving in the Sultans of Sprint area

Sultans of Sprint 2018 LifeStyle Collection now available online !

Sultans of Sprint 2018 Lifestyle Collection.

If Speed is also Your Religion or if simply you dig Sultans of Sprint & want to support us you can now get some very kool t-shirts, caps, hoodie & patches !
Designed by Indivisual Creative & Nicolas Bassez, all our products are printed in Europe & we ship worldwide !

Many thanks for your orders & see you soon at the next races !


Sultans of Sprint 2017 finals at Glemseck 101.

Awesome 2017 Sultans of Sprint season & finals in Germany !

#77 Amir Brajan from Mellow Motorcycles 2017 Sultans of Sprint Champion with "FRKNSTN"

What an awesome 2017 Sultans of Sprint season & amazing finals @ Glemseck 101 !

Starting in may in Monza at The Reunion (Italy), then in Monthléry at the Cafe Racer Festival (France), in SPA Francorchamps at Bikers’Classics (Belgium), the 2017 Sultans of Sprint finals were hosted & supported by Glemseck 101 at Leonberg (Germany). Glemseck 101 is the biggest open fair motorcycle event in Germany for cafe racers and custom bikes. Even better this event is a genuine celebration of motorcycle enthusiasm gathering an impressive number of visitors around sprint races the all week end.

Before the finals, the leaders Tommy Thoring #7 / Schlachtwerk Racing (GER) on his Yamaha “Skinny Beast” and Amir Brajan #77 / Mellow Motorcycles (GER) on his Ducati/Honda/KTM “FRKNSTN” were point equal in front of Mathieu Ménard #9 / FCR Original on his Triumph “Crazy Bonnie” (FR) also point equal with Laurence #17 / Lucky Cat Garage on her BMW “Bombinette” (FR). The suspense was still maximum thanks to the double points given for this 4th & last race of the season.

At Glemseck 101 22 Sultans racers were to enter the finals. 12 qualifyers had to battle hard against each other to reach the sprintrace with a total of 16 contenders.
The starting grid was defined as usual by the Sultans of Sprint wheel of fortune during the race briefing saturday morning. Great moderation as always of the Sultans of Sprint race by Jorg Litzenburger and flag girl Laura definitely supported offering a good show while the 101 team was doing a very good work for the race management as usual.

Sultans of Sprint at Glemseck 101 2017

Saturday afternoon weather was a bit so so and we faced a rain shower but Glemseck 101 is always lucky and rain stopped letting the dragstrip getting dry finally to welcome the Sultans of Sprint 2017 race finals. All Sultans of Sprint race teams just stole the show this saturday showing up with crazy & funny costumes or team outfits but they really all perform very impressive starts & runs demonstrating once again the high level of performance achieved by their turbocharged, nitrous equipped or supercharged flying carpets !

Libner Racing Motorcycles (FR) came with their turbocharged BMW land speed racer “LSR 940B” ridden by Hervé Libner #3 while the Harley Davidson “The Blue Racer” handlebar was for Tom Libner #4. The beautiful Libner Racing “Felino” was loaned to Fred Krugger, the famous and double world champion of custom bikes from Belgium, to race as guest at Glemseck 101 with Sultans of Sprint race number #99. Fred Krugger (BE) faced unfortunately some clutch issues and didn’t manage to take the best on the very fast “Ugly Duck” built & ridden by Christian Moretti #13 from Plan B Motorcycles (IT).

FCR Original team was fully motivated to keep a place on the final podium after having collecting useful points thanks to their victory in the #ScaryFactor fanboost online vote. Mathieu Ménard was super hot on the fast Triumph #9 “Crazy Bonnie” but he faced a massive wheelie on second gear probably due to the nitrous power shot during his battle against Amir from Mellow Motorcycles (GER). Bad luck again for this super impressive machine from the french workshop.

#33 “Polizia Uno” supercharged and nitrous injected BMW with Dani Weidmann from VTR Customs (CH) and #66 “NOSferatu” nitrous injected Moto Guzzi with Josef Leitl from Radical Guzzi (GER) are two iconic Sultans of Sprint racers since last year performing always impressive start and insane noise on the starting line. This time they didn’t manage to perform against other contenders but it has been great to see them running once again ! Same situation for #22 St Brooklyn Motorcycles “L’Etonnante” (FR)with Ludwig Ascher and #14 Venom Design “The Sprintster” (FR) ridden by Jérôme Mazzon: Big show but no victory this time.

All the way from UK for a second race with the Sultans of Sprint, Paul Cardy #59 from Shed Hot Customs did well but struggled to be fast enough against Rolf Reick. Sure this english team will be back for more next year with their beautiful dustbin faired BMW “Velocity Baby”.

With their Ducati “Il Veloce” unfortunately not finished on time to race despite lot of intense work the all summer the KD Motorcycles crew from Belgium was here to support the other teams and have a good time with the Sultans of Sprint !

Great start from Bernard Mont on the Ducati #91 “NowhereFast”… he will be back next year with a new crazy sprintracer !

First race ever for “Moonraker” a mind blowing BMW supercharged sprintracer home made by Ralph Schmuck #97 (GER) stole the show on the dragstrip for its first race but against an other guest rider, Simon Bronold #98 from Radical Guzzi (GER), this was not enough to get through. Last but not least we were very pleased to welcome as guest rider the famous Yong “Macaco” Kim riding his special W650 nitrous injected & tuned by Schlachtwerk for a first sprint race. We heard he will come back for more races next year !

Laurence #17 on Lucky Cat Garage’s BMW “Bombinette” (FR) did well during the qualification taking a revenge against Brice Canayer #34 and his BMW “The Bee” from Bcan Race (FR). She showed a really fast and good start against Amir #77 and his “FRKNSTN” but she missed still a bit of power to keep the advantage at the finish line. She will be back for more after this first season improving race after race !

With his old rigid frame and fancy race outfit Rolf Reick #5 / Krautmotors (GER) is a serious contender and he won serveral rounds to reach the battle for the 3rd place against the Ducati “ciaparat” #24 from Milano Cafe Racers (IT). A very good achievement for this naturally aspirated tuned BMW 2 valves boxer !

French citizen but coming from Bali Jacques Charabot (FR) was racing his H-Skull Ducati “Balinese Kiss” #6 now featuring a nitrous injection for the first time fought really hard against Christian #13 from Plan B Motorcycles (IT) using the same kind of set up … first run was impossible to define the winner as they crossed the finish line together but then experience paid off and the italian Ducati “Ugly Duck” won.

Philipp Ludwig Kraftstoffschmiede #46 on his 4 valves BMW “Hercules” did well but not enough to finish on the podium loosing against Schlachtwerk very fast Yamaha. The “Hercules” BMW is a completely new breed of BMW sprintracer using a tuned & nitrous injected R 850 R engine mounted in a one off frame. A very good example of how creative Sultans of Sprint contenders can be ! Also probably why Philipp won the “Sultans of Sprint Style & Engineering 2017 award”: Well deserved !

For the 3rd place Sami Panseri and his Ducati “Ciaparat” #24 battled hard against Rolf Reick #5 and his BMW “Number 5”. This time the black fairing from Milano Cafe Racers team crossed the finish line first.

What better scenario could we expect for the final of the finals at Glemseck 101 ? the two fastest bikes ridden by the two fastest riders : Tommy Thoring vs Amir Brajan, #7 vs #77, Yamaha vs Ducati, “Skinny Beast” vs “FRKNSTN”, Schlachtwerk vs Mellow Motorcycles …

After a very good start Tommy #7 was ahead on his Yamaha “Skinny Beast” but despite a wheelie in the middle of the track Amir Brajan managed to keep full throttle and control of his very fast Ducati “FRKNSTN” and overtook to reach the finish line first ! What a crazy run between these two !!!

Congratulations to Amir Brajan #77 for his first place, Tommy Thoring #7 second place & Sami Panseri #24 third place.

Award ceremony took place at Glemseck 101 main stage and was a great highlight with Jorg Litzenburger (mastermind of Glemseck 101), Andy Baba (Sultans’mascotte) & Seb Lorentz (Sultans of Sprint founder) with the support of Matteo Adreani & Paolo Sormani (The Reunion). This award ceremony was really a quite emotional moment rewarding all the partners, helpers, teams and winners of both Glemseck 101 race but also the podium of the overall Sultans of Sprint 2017 Championship. The mainstage was then on fire with our friends from “Cooking with Elvis”.

Some words from the 2017 winning team !
Amir & Flo, founders of Mellow Motorcycles: “The Mellow Team was really honoured to be able to participate at the Sultans of Sprint 2017. We were very warmly welcomed and felt being part of the Family even as being the Rookies. Having actually won the Championship was something we never expected. However we are immensely proud but even more important having found so many new friends means a lot to us. We are so much looking Forward to next year and can’t wait for the next Season to begin !”

Many thanks to Francois from SIMS Garage who made special trophies for the Sultans of Sprint 4th round while Lucky Cat Garage created & offered the ScaryFactor fanboost trophy for FCR Original #9. The Sultans of Sprint jury decided to give one extra ScaryFactor award to Bernard Mont #91 from Belgium who was wearing a “beast” costume every time to try to get the competitors scared. No matter of hot weather Bernard was always wearing his frightening hair coat and a crazy matching helmet with horns everybody will remember as the “track beast” !

3rd place for Sami Panseri #24 Milano Cafe Racers team with their Ducati “ciaparat” !

Sultans of Sprint 2017 at Glemseck 101 / Sami #24 3rd place Milano Cafe Racers

2nd place for Tommy Thoring Schlachtwerk Racing team with their Yamaha “Skinny Beast” !

Matteo Adreani, founder of The Reunion gave as planned the beautiful TAG HEUER Monaco watch to Amir Brajan and Jacques a very nice unique H-Skull customized with metal leaf by Laurence from The Lucky Cat Garage.

The Sultans of Sprint champion Cup is getting from hand to hand every year and Young Guns Speed Shop (2016 Sultans of Sprint champion with their Moto Guzzi “Ferdinand the Sparrow”) were happy and proud to pass it to Mellow Motorcycles for their success with their Ducati “FRKNSTN”. The Sultans of Sprint Cup has left Switzerland for Germany.

You can find out all the results from the Sultans of Sprint 2017 challenge  >>here<<

After all these emotions and speeches, it was time to gather at the Sultans of Sprint area where our friends from The Reunion were cooking pasta and our Sultans DJ Jens & Jörn were spinning records for the pleasure of everybody with a great friendly athmosphere. The Sultans of Sprint party animals were just at their best !


Many thanks to all the racers, team members, helpers, friends, supporters, fans, visitors, partners and our mascotte Andy Baba who made the 2017 Sultans of Sprint Challenge so amazing. Big up to our friends & partners Fotozino, Group Libner, Virage 8, Dickies, The Reunion, TAG Heuer, Atelier Nord, Avon Moto, FCR Original, Heidenau, Gentlemen’s Factory, Intermot Customized, Instantané, A Piece of Chic, Machine 17, La Fabrique 3D.

Thumbs up to the great events hosting our races : The Reunion / Monza (IT), Cafe Racer Festival / Monthléry (FR), Bikers’Classics / SPA Francorchamps (BE) but also our press event at Iron Bikers / Carole (FR) and all our exhibitions at Wheels & Waves festival / Biarritz (FR) and at Bike Shed London (UK). We all really had a good time thanks to you.

We have also to say a big thank you to all the photographers who took great shots of the Sultans of Sprint races during the all season: Christine Gabler and Marc Holstein, Laurent Nivalle, Thierry Dricot, Cyril Casagrande, Kati Dalek, Ben Ott, Antje Roth, Guillaume B, Alessandra Leocata, Paolo Lamperti, Guillaume Ducasse, Marco Latorrre, Ernesto Superspecial and for sure our great video crew Benjamin “Givetogod” Donadieu & Cédric Faimali , Benjamin “Push” Guimond.

FOTOZINO x #sultansofsprint 2017 challenge still going on !

The FOTOZINO x #sultansofsprint will end within one month on 10th october. The best #sultansofsprint team fanzine will be rewarded by 1000€ cash on 13th october in Paris during Mignight Garage Festival.

Download fotozino app on your iphone and publish your own content about Sultans of Sprint. See, share & like the posts of the different teams. You can also get for free the team fanzines by simply downloading them in pdf. Check > http://fotozino.com/sultansofsprint.php but also the fanzines from the different teams:

FCR Original “Crazy Bonnie” | Lucky Cat Garage “Bombinette” | StBrooklyn Motorcycles “L’Etonnante” | Milano Cafe Racers “Ciaparat” | Radical Guzzi “NOSferatu” | Mellow Motorcycles “Frankenstein” | Schlachtwerk “Skinny Beast” |  PlanB Motorcycles “Ugly Duck” | Venom Design “The Sprintster” | Libner Racing “Felino” | Libner Racing “Blue Racer” | Libner Racing “Dragonfly” | Bcan Race “The Bee”  | Kraftstoffschmiede “Hercules”

Sultans of Sprint x Fotozino fanzine 2017


Sultans of Sprint will exhibit some sprintracers at the upcoming Ouest Riderz Festival nearby Royan (FR) with Libner Racing, FCR Original & Lucky Cat Garage, Dandy Riders Festival in St Raphael (FR) represented by Bcan Race.
Sultans of Sprint will gather for a farewell party & exhibition at Mignight Garage Festival 3 organized by our mates from 4H10! in Paris to celebrate this great season once again !




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