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Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge Round #3 & Finals PREVIEW @ Glemseck 101

Race preview: Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge round #3.

Glemseck 101 - Leonberg - Germany.

After two rounds of Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge in Monza (Italy) & Monthléry (France) we’re heading to the biggest german motorcycle open air festival that is Glemseck 101 on august 30th/31st & september 1st.

This race counts as round 3 & finals of our European challenge and will gather again the fastest & craziest motorcycle sprintracing teams from all over Europe.
Harley Davidson, BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Royal Enfield & Yamaha will be with us to exhibit & race their #factoryclass bikes along with all #freakclass teams !

The Sultans of Sprint #factoryclass & #freakclass races will take place SATURDAY 31st september. You’ll be able to follow the races live on our Instagram account saturday 31st september if network has enough capacity.

After the races on saturday we will be happy to welcome you for the Sultans of Sprint Awards & Prize giving on the Sultans of Sprint stage next to our booth. Then the legendary Sultans of Sprint party will take place and will start with the Sultans of Sprint Party Monster bonus will involved riders, bikes & mascots so don’t miss it !

Sunday the qualified #FreakClass teams will enter the Sound Pressure Contest and will show us how loud rider & bike can be !

All week end please come & say hi to meet the riders, teams & their crazy machines at our booth in the Glemseck 101 2019 village. Our shop will be also be opened with all the official Sultans of Sprint merchandising !

We just can’t wait to race & party in Germany !

Running order & racing times

Here’s the information we have on the timings for Sultans of Sprint @Glemseck 101:
(timing may vary a bit

Friday 30th August
17:00 – Glemseck 101 2019 event opening.
19:00 – 21:00 – Technical Control for both classes.
21:00 – Wheel of Fortune starting grid pick up. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
22:00 – end of day.

Saturday 31st June
09:00 – event opening.
11:00 – 101 Racers briefing at 101 main stage.
13:00 – Sound Pressure Contest Qualifying for #FreakClass. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
15:00 – Sultans of Sprint Parade.
15:30 – 17:30 – SULTANS OF SPRINT #FactoryClass & #FreakClass RACES.
18:15 – Sultans of Sprint presentation at Glemseck 101 Stage.
20:30Awards & prize giving at Sultans of Sprint area. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
21:00 – Sultans of Sprint Party Monster Bonus.
01:00 – end of day.

Sunday 1st September
13:00 – 14:00 – Sound Pressure Contest for #FreakClass. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
14:30 – Prize giving at Sultans of Sprint area for Sound Pressure Contest.
18:00 – end of Glemseck 101.

Sultans of Sprint 2019 | Race 2 - part.3

Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge Round #2 REPORT @ Cafe Racer Festival !

Thrilling Sultans of Sprint 2019 first races for #FactoryClass & #FreakClass in Monthléry.

The 2019 Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass & #FreakClass Challenges kicked off finally with the races at Cafe Racer Festival in Monthléry, France over the weekend of 21st, 22nd & 23rd June.

Sunny hot weather first summer days were finally bringing the perfect conditions for the Sultans of Sprint after a rainy season opening cancelling the races in Monza.


The very spectacular racing from all contenders old and new in both classes – and on their equally super spectacular machines old and new – promises that we are in for an other memorable season, which is bound to be full of surprises.

Here’s your round-up of Round 2 of these two Sultans of Sprint classes , along with the results from each class so you know who to keep your eye on as the season progresses !

Technical Control powered by Motul & Rothewald

A complete technical control has been performed on Friday by the Sultans of Sprint Race Crew to check on all bikes that they were compliant with the rules on both safety & technical requirements points of view.

FactoryClass bikes were on top controlled on a power bench & weighing machine to ensure they were perfectly fullfilling the power to weight ratio limitation to guarantee a fair competition between the very different sprintracer concepts involved in this specific class.

Philip Ludwig comments : « Years ago I was a mechanic for the BMW BoxerCup and I was a fan of Randy Mamola who was the ambassador of this race serie. Today I am on the podium with him and on the first place. It’s just incredible ! »

A solid 4th place for Curtiss Wright / Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04 [INDIA] and their tuned Continental GT 650 « Two Smoking Barrels » ahead an incredible Taylor McKenzie / Team Harley Davidson #03 [USA] on the mighty Harley Davidson « Sprint Glide ». The most powerful bike of the class is also the heaviest but clearly made a big show with rear wheel spin on nearly the all distance ! wow !

With the smallest engine of the series the Royal Enfield « Two Smoking Barrels » built by Sinroja Motorcycles with Curtiss Wright showed up an amazing level of performances ! Well done boys !

Sultans of Sprint Technical Control
AXOC AntiGravity Contest
AXOC AntiGravity Contest
Sultans of Sprint Technical Control
Sultans of Sprint Technical Control with Powerbench
power measured at the rear wheel
Sprint Glide on the powerbench

This Technical Control area was then used as dedicated space for all contenders to wrench, fix or fine tuned their race bikes during the all week end thanks to the great Rothewald tools supplied by our friends from Louis Motorrad & for sure Motul lubricants.

Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass challenge races

BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson were presenting with their respective teams to show up what their sprintracers were able to on the strip.

The power to weight ratio concept rules appeared again to be very relevant with some very tough battles between the riders to decide who was the fastest.

Parade of #FactoryClass bikes !
Parade of #FactoryClass bikes
#FactoryClass team parade
#FactoryClass teams parade
Parade of #FactoryClass bikes.
#FactoryClass teams parade
#FactoryClass team parade
#FactoryClass team parade

On the french track with a perfect grip, all contenders showed up a high level of skills and great performance with very close results each time.

Phil Ludwig on his BMW R1250RS "Achilles" was the fastest of #FactoryClass

It was this time Philipp Ludwig [GER] from Team Kraftstoffschmiede x BMW Motorrad #54 on his BMW R1250RS « Achilles » who was able to take a convincing win leading ahead Amelie Mooseder [GER] on her BMW R1200R « Spitfire » from Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad #85 for the second place.

Randy Mamola [USA] did very well for his first time racing Sultans of Sprint achieving a well deserved 3rd place on the Indian 1200 Scout « Appaloosa » from Team Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop #19.

2nd place for Amelie Mooseder on her BMW R1200R "Spitfire"
Taylor McKenzie on his Harley Davidson "SprintGlide"
3rd place for Randy Mamola on his Indian Appaloosa.
Curtiss Wright at full speed on his Royal Enfield "Two Smoking Barrels"
Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass podium Monthléry 2019

Find out more shots from #FactoryClass Challenge 2019 round 2 races on this LINK.

Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass challenge races

The Autodrome tribunes were fully packed when Sultans of Sprint teams from both classes entered the straight line of Monthléry. Riders, bikes & teams presentation in the pitlane.

Cafe Racer Festival claimed nearly 17000 visitors on 2 days and clearly a good part of them saw the Sultans of Sprint Race Exhibition or visited the massive 520m2 dedicated to Sultans of Sprint in the village as well as during the parade organized before to join the track for the Race Exhibition Saturday.

packed tribunes & pitlane for Sultans of Sprint

The last 8 of Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass were able to finish their race on saturday & to please the crowd with the fastest qualified machines.
On a shorter exhibition track the fastest on the start showed again their skills to manage a rocket launch of their incredible machines. 

#50 Libner Racing vs #46 Kraftstoffschmiede
#30 CR Racing vs #16 South Garage
#14 VEnomDesign vs #66 Radical Guzzi
#30 CR Racing vs #16 South Garage
#46 Kraftstoffschmiede vs #16 SouthGarage battlng for the 1st place
#66 Radical Guzzi vs #17 Lucky Cat Garage battling for the 3rd place
#22 Kradmelder Service "Dark Side"
#46 Kraftstoffschmiede vs #16 SouthGarage battlng for the 1st place

Daniele Ghiselli [IT] on his SouthGarage tuned « SuperHero » #16 finished at the 1st place of the podium ahead Philipp Ludwig [GER] on his home made BMW 4 valves Kraftstoffschmiede « Hercules » #46 reaching 2nd place. Finally Simon Bronold [GER] on his Radical Guzzi « NOSferatu » #66 took the 3rd place against Laurence Chatokhine [FR] riding the Lucky Cat Garage BMW « Bombinette » #17 finishing 4th of this 2019 Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass race round.

Podium of #FreakClass race Monthléry 2019

Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass & #FreakClass Race Exhibition

After these last races of Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass to decide the rankings, it was time again for the #FactoryClass to show up on the track.
The least we can say is the #FactoryClass riders know how to please the crowd with massive burnout, wheelies & amazing on such a tiny track. What a great show !

Show time with Royal Enfield & Indian Motorcycle racers !
Incredible starts of Phil Ludwig on his BMW "Achilles"
Taylor McKenzie burning his Harley Davidson rear tire the all way !
Amelie and her BMW "Spitfire" pleasing the crowd of Monthléry
Burn baby burn !

Then, many #FreakClass riders took the chance to ride as much as they could to test their bikes & improve their starting skills … but always pleasing the crowd with some massive burnouts & fast starts !

#81 CafeRicycles "Nervous"
#18 Riverside Goatkeepers "Buelldozer"
FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie"
#Rivertown Custom Cycles "Good Riddance"
#33 VTR Customs "Polizia Uno"
#69 SouthGarage "The Drake"
#11 St Brooklyn Motorcycles "L'Intrepide"
#31 Gasoline Culture "XT Punk"
#79 Libner Racing "DragonFly2"
#88 Lanciati "Flying Lasagna"
#86 Radical Guzzi NOSferaTWO
#44 Moto Candy "Lolly Pop"

Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest

For the very first time of Sultans of Sprint and for the pleasure of visitors Sultans of Sprint was offering a « Sound Pressure Contest » Saturday afternoon. The goal was clear : let’s make a maximum of noise !

A sound level meter was used to mesure how loud the race bikes are … but also the riders ! The addition of these 2 figures was defining the winners.

Sound Pressure Contest with #FactoryClass bikes & riders
Sound Pressure Contest
Randy Mamola screaming for the #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Philipp Ludwig pushing the level for #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Amelie Mooseder screaming high for the #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Sound Pressure Contest
Curtiss Wright showing how powerful his vocal cords are !
is "Achilles" loud enough ?
Mascot on point for the #FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
Congrats Amelie !

For this contest the loudest couple was suprisingly Amelie Mooseder & her BMW R1200R « Spitfire » from team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad !


Amelie takes home the trophy of the 2019 Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass « Sound Pressure Contest » making the difference with her loud screams. Powerful vocal cords Amelie !

#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest winner: Amelie Mooseder / Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad

Sultans of Sprint Party Monster Bonus

The legendary Sultans of Sprint « Party Monster Bonus » was this time the unfair « Limbo contest » in which all riders have to dance passing under the height of their own bikes.
In some cases (and finally most of them) that’s nearly impossible without training but big fun & entertainement after a long day on track & good way to warm up before a long party until late.

Thanks to Dorsan, our DJ for this season, spinning an outstanding selection of records the Sultans of Sprint party was getting high & hot with most of participants, team members, friends & fans dancing next to the Sultans of Sprint camp.

As usual all team members were welcomed in the Sultans of Sprint hospitality for some fresh beers, Sailor Jerry shooters and for the first time some Monster Energy cans in various flavours to keep partying hard until late !

Sultans of Sprint Exhibition Area

The all weekend the Sultans of Sprint was offering the greatest sprintracers exhibition in the Cafe Racer Festival village. A great opportunity to check the Sultans of Sprint beasts from #FactoryClass and #FreakClass in all details but also the chance to meet riders and teams.

AXOC Antigravity Contest

For the first time also Sultans of Sprint is organizing the AXOC Antigravity Contest which is a challenge for the teams to tackle and try to get a prize money of 1000€ in total !

AXOC is a new brand offering high level protectors in underwear jackets & pants for motorcycling and all kind of outdoor activities where shock protection is required.

AXOC AntiGravity Contest

This time the AXOC AntiGravity Contest was a sprintrace without bikes : in a dedicated inflatable corridor one against one the goal was to put a pad as far as possible with a big string calling you back. Riders of both classes or team members were called to take part and this is Curtiss Wright from Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04 #FactoryClass who performed best in this crazy challenge. Epic ! Congrats Curtiss !

Thumbs up also to Xavier from Team Riverside Goatkeepers #18 #FreakClass finishing at second place & Carsten from Team Kradmelder Service #22 #FreakClass achieving third place of this AXOC AntiGravity Contest.

Curtiss Wright #04 #FactoryClass Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield winning the AXOC AntiGravity Contest

Sultans of Sprint Round #2 / Trophies, Awards & Race Winners

#FreakClass Race
1st place  Daniele Ghiselli / Team SouthGarage [IT] / « Superhero » / #16
2nd place  Philipp Ludwig / Team Krafstoffschmiede [GER] / « Hercules » / #46
3rd place  Simon Bronold / Team Radical Guzzi [GER] / « NOSferatu » / #66

#FactoryClass Race
1st place  Philipp Ludwig / Team Kraftstoffschmiede x BMW Motorrad / R1250RS « Achilles » / #54
2nd place  Amelie Mooseder / Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad / R1200R « Spitfire » / #85
3rd place  Randy Mamola / Team Workhorse Speed Shop x Indian Motorcycle / Scout 1200 « Appaloosa » / #19

#FactoryClass Sound Pressure Contest
1st place  Amelie Mooseder / / Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad / R1200R « Spitfire » / #85
2nd place  Philipp Ludwig / Team Kraftstoffschmiede x BMW Motorrad / R1250RS « Achilles » / #54
3rd place  Curtiss Wright / Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04

AXOC AntiGravity Contest
1st place  Curtiss Wright / Team Sinroja Motorcycles x Royal Enfield #04 #FactoryClass
2nd place  Xavier Chante / Team Riverside Goatkeepers #18 #FreakClass
3rd place  Carsten Hoffman / Team Kradmelder Service #22 #FreakClass

See you in Germany at Glemseck 101 !

Next round for the Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge will gather again all teams heading to Germany for Glemseck 101 30th 31st august & 1st september.

 See you there for the 2019 finals !

#81 CafeRicycles "Nervous"
#18 Riverside Goatkeepers "Buelldozer"
FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie"
#Rivertown Custom Cycles "Good Riddance"

Sultans of Sprint 2019 race 1 video report now online !


It was raining cats & dogs but we had an amazing time gathering all teams for an unforgettable party !
See you next week for the round #2 of the 2019 Challenge hosted by Cafe Racer Festival in Monthléry.

#sultansofsprint #speedisourreligion
#waterproof #sultansofsprint2019

Definitely waterproof !

Sultans of Sprint round #1 2019 | The Reunion | Monza | Italy

Wet season start but hot party !

For the first event of the 2019 season Sultans of Sprint Challenge had to face a terrible rainy weather which led the crew to cancel unfortunately all sprint races in Monza [IT]. It was raining cats & dogs on the beautiful italian temple of speed.

This said, it has been an amazing week end thanks to the good vibes & positive attitude of all team members from both #factoryclass & #freakclass but also the complete Sultans of Sprint organization crew for an unforgettable party saturday night.
Sultans of Sprint are definitely waterproof !

What a pleasure to discover & present the updated race bikes and new racers built this winter : new #freakclass teams as well as new #factoryclass contenders with amazing & surprising machines.

Sultans of Sprint @The Reunion 2019 by Gotz Goppert.
Complete album available on [ this link ].

Sultans of Sprint @The Reunion 2019 by Kati Dalek.
Complete album available on [ this link ].

Sultans of Sprint 2019 #FACTORYCLASS 

Sultans of Sprint 2019 #FACTORYCLASS challenge is welcoming again BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle & Yamaha Motor but also two new more motorcycle brands with Royal Enfield & Harley Davidson.

BMW Motorrad is joining again with two sprintracers: the famous BMW R1200R “Spitfire” #85 built by VTR Customs and ridden by Amelie Mooseder on one side, the amazing brand new BMW R1250RS “Achilles” #54 built by Kraftstoffschmiede and ridden by Phil Ludwig on the other side. Both bikes are using the latest watercooled boxer with a nitrous oxyde injection system.

Indian Motorcycle competed in 2018 with their Indian FTR 1200 Custom prototype which was announcing the launch of the FTR 1200 on the market. For this new season they decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of an iconic model: the Scout. Indian Motorcycle decided to collaborate with Workhorse Speed Shop from Belgium to create the Indian 1200 Scout “Appaloosa”. This very impressive sprintracer will be ridden by former GP racer Randy Mamola !

After a successful “wildcard” with their “Lock Stock” concept bike in the #freakclass in 2018 Royal Enfield enters the Sultans of Sprint 2019 #FactoryClass challenge with a 650 Continental GT twin built by Sinroja Motorcycles in UK. Bored to 750cc, nitrous oxyde injected and stripped down to gain weight the Royal Enfield “Two Smoking Barrels” will be ridden by Curtiss Wright.

Harley Davidson decided to join with a quite surprising and interesting approach to reach the power to weight limit of the #FactoryClass challenge starting with a  Street Glide.
Slightly modified but still featuring saddlebags & soundsystem this is probably the heaviest machine ever of the Sultans of Sprint line up but the american crew decided to use a supercharger to boost the Milwaukee Eight 107 (1900cc) engine. The project has been handled in-house by Harley Davidson Europe.
The Harley Davidson “Sprint Glide” is ridden by British SBK rider Taylor Mc Kenzie !

Last but not least Yamaha is entering the Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass challenge again with a XSR700. For this new season the Yamaha XSR700 named “Loco” is built & ridden by Anthony Partridge from Partridge Design who is also involved in Goblin Garage on Discovery Channel. No nitrous oxyde injection but a turbocharger for the smallest engine of the 2019 #FactoryClass challenge !

#19 Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop 1200 Scout "Appaloosa"

#04 Royal Enfield x Sinroja Motorcycles 650 Continental GT "Two Smoking Barrels"

#85 BMW Motorrad x VTR Customs R1200R "Spitfire"

#54 BMW Motorrad x Kraftstoffschmiede R1250RS "Achilles"

#03 Harley Davidson Street Glide supercharged "Sprint Glide"

#77 Yamaha x Partridge Design XSR700 "Loco"

The Yamaha sprintracer built by Partridge design will be unveiled at Cafe Racer Festival in Monthléry as well as the bikes from Riverside Motocyclettes & CR Racing who struggled to get the bikes ready on time for the season opening … so still some surprises to come !

Sultans of Sprint 2019 #FREAKCLASS 

Sultans of Sprint 2019 #FREAKCLASS challenge is gathering again an amazing line up of custom sprint racer powered by air cooled twin cylinder engines featuring nitrous oxyde & supercharging systems … or sometimes just naturally aspirated. Whatever the power unit choosen by the team creativity is at its best in this class !

#09 FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie"

#14 Venom Design "The Sprintster"

#17 Lucky Cat Garage "Bombinette"

#24 Rivertown Custom Cycles "Good Riddance"

#31 Gasoline Culture "XT Punk"

#44 Moto Candy Race Division "Lolly Pop"

#50 Libner Racing "Felino"

#66 Radical Guzzi "NOSferatu"

#79 Libner Racing "Dragonfly2"

#86 Radical Guzzi "NOSferaTWO"

#91 Nowhere Fast "Nowhere Fast"

#11 St Brooklyn Motorcycles "L'intrépide"

#16 South Garage Motorcycles "Superhero"

#22 Kradmelder Service "The Dark Side"

#25 Schlachtwerk "Skinny Beast"

#33 VTR Customs "Polizia Uno"

#46 Kraftstoffschmiede "Hercules"

#52 Black Bull "Black Bull"

#69 South Garage Motorcycles "The Drake"

#81 Cafe Ricycles "Nervous"

#88 Lanciati Motorclub "Flying Lasagna"

Sultans of Sprint will be back on track in France for the next round hosted by Cafe Racer Festival in Monthléry june 22nd & 23rd !

We are ready to rock the wonderful french autodrome …
See you there !

Thrilling 2018 Sultans of Sprint finals at Dandy Riders Festival !

Beautiful weather & perfect race track in St Raphaël !

Hosted by Dandy Riders Festival in St Raphaël [ FR ] the 2018 Sultans of Sprint 4th round & finals were again a blast !
Perfect weather conditions on the french riviera with sun & almost 30°C with the exhibition village on the seaside & a perfect race track of 500m with an outstanding grip were the ingredients of one of the greatest race of this season !
For their third edition, Dandy Riders Festival welcomed 12000 visitors on 3 days and not less than 2500 enthusiastic spectators to support the Sultans of Sprint teams saturday afternoon.

First victory for Yamaha Motor x Workhorse with Tom Pagès at the handlebar of the mighty XSR 700 "Sakura"

Yamaha Motor x Workhorse Speed Shop Team #8 welcomed several good riders this season like Nicolo Canepa in Monza or Jens Kuck in Leonberg. But for the finals we were really please to welcome french FMX legend Tom Pages to race the XSR 700 “Sakura”. Taking the game serious as a professional rider Tom trained a bit saturday morning with the other Facotry Class riders to get used to the nitrous charged Yamaha. He understood quickly how to use it properly … so properly that he managed to get the best out of the little beast to jump on the first place !!! Very well done Tom !

Tom Pages on the Yamaha XSR 700 "Sakura"
Tom Pages / Yamaha Motor #8
Tom Pages focused on the starting line.

1st place for the 2018 "Factory Class" challenge going to Triumph Motorcycles x Mellow !

With 2 victories and 2 second places this season Triumph Motorcycles x Mellow team did extremely well for this first Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass season …
With a great second place (counting double points) thanks to the rider Uli so this is no surprise that the team running the Triumph Thruxton R “Phantom Blaze” is winning the 2018 Sultans of Sprint Factory Class Challenge !

All the team did well to get the bike always at its best and the different riders were all focused, motivated and very fast at each round ! Congrats to Triumph Germany and Mellow Motorcycles for all the good work with Triumph Motorcycles HQ in Hinckley.

Triumph Motorcycles X Mellow 2018 Sultans of Sprint Factory Class Champion
Triumph Thruxton R "Factory Class"
Ulli having a good time on the Thruxton "Phantom Blaze" !
Supercharged Triumph "Phantom Blaze"

Great 3rd place for Rolf Reick on his BMW Motorrad x Krautmotors Team R nineT “Little Go Beep” #19 …
Don’t mess with Rolf ! he knows how to take a fast start whatever the ride is !
With this new podium Rolf secured a 3rd place of the overall Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass 2018 rankings ! Well done !

Rolf Reick
BMW Motorrad X Krautmotors Team #19
BMW Motorrad x Krautmotors R nineT "Little Go Beep"

For the last Sultans of Sprint 2018 race Indian Motorcycles team was welcoming french journalist Stephane Lacaze from Moto&Motards to ride out the mighty Indian FTR 1200 Custom prototype just before the release of the production version !
As usual Stephane pleased the crowd with some well controlled wheelies and powerslides but he tried his best to get the best of the Indian street tracker.

Stef Lacaze on the Indian FTR 1200 Custom

Amelie Mooseder on the BMW Motorrad x VTR Motorrad Team R1200R “Spitfire” #85 did well but struggled again with some traction issues on the start ….. this said she showed again that she’s not only cute but a real fearless and fast rider !
Thumbs up & congrats for this first season Amy !

Amelie racing the BMW R1200R "Spitfire"
Fast Amy
BMW Motorrad x VTR Team #85

An awesome & successful first Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass season !

This first Sultans of Sprint “Factory Class” season involving motorcycle brands has been a great success thanks to the trust & support of BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Triumph Motorcycles and Yamaha Motor Europe. The custom sprint racing challenge concept mixing very different platforms & bikes powered by twin cylinder engines with a limited power to weight ratio (once tuned) allowed the brands to enter the Sultans of Sprint family and experienced with their team what #speedisourreligion is all about: thrilling races, fun and goodtimes to be shared with all participants of both categories (Factory & Freak Classes).

Sultans of Sprint Factory Class 2018 challenge final standings.
photo: Antoine Elizabé

Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass: Daniele Ghiselli killing it again with its "Superhero" from team South Garage Squadra Veloce

After his first victory and second podium at Glemseck 101 Daniele Ghiselli from South Garage Squadra Veloce Team #16 was decided to jump again on the podium of the finals … he did the job again on its “Superhero” winning the “FreakClass” race in St Raphaël !
Very well done & congrats to the all team coming from Milano !

Daniele Ghiselli / SouthGarage Squadra Veloce #16
SouthGarage Squadra Veloce "Superhero" #16
Daniele Ghiselli in good company !
South Garage Squadra Veloce celebrating !

Experienced rider, early Sultans of Sprint contender & great engineer Phil Ludwig was leading the Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass rankings but he struggled again with some little issues with his shed built BMW Kraftstoffschmiede “Hercules”. This time the gearbox started to show some difficulties & Phil managed to finish at a great 3rd place of the overall Sultans of Sprint 2018 #FreakClass rankings.

For the 3rd place the battle has been tough between Rino on his  Cafe Ricycles BMW supercharged “Nervous” #81 Jacques on his carbon framed nitrous charged H-Skull “Balinese Kiss” #06 ….
Jacques won for few meters and jumped on his first podium !!! congratulations !

Stunning first place for rookie rider Yong Kim "Macaco" on Schlachtwerk Yamaha "Skinny Beast" #25

For his first season Yong Kim “Macaco” did really well. Riding the well known & fast Schlachtwerk’s Yamaha “Skinny Beast” #25 Macaco managed to keep focused at each round and secured a 2nd place at the finals counting double points.
Probably his martial art experiences helped him to get the right mental strength which is one of the key to handle the pressure on the starting line. He jumped on the podium 3 times this season …. not to mention his always awesome dancing performances on stage !
Congratulations Macaco ! you rocked the scene & the track this year.

Macaco vs Daniele.
Le bisou for the champion.
emotions for the new champion ....

Thumbs up also to all the Sultans of Sprint #FreackClass teams which battled hard this season for the podium: Radical Guzzi team [ GER ] with “NOSferatu” #66 (4th place) & “NOSferaturbo” #65 (18th place), FCR Original team [ FR ] with the Triumph “Crazy Bonnie” #9 (5th place) , H-Skull team [ FR ]  with “Balinese Kiss” (6th place), Lucky Cat Garage Team #17 [ FR ] with the airhead BMW “Bombinette” (7th place) and VTR Customs [ CH ] with the supercharged airhead BMW “Polizia Uno” (8th place).

Sultans of Sprint Freak Class 2018 final standings.

Many thanks to all the other teams who came all over Europe to race hard & have a good time : NowhereFast [ BE ],  Venom Design [ FR ], Moonraker [ GER ], Switch Stance Riding [JPN ], Moto Candy [ CH ], Hermanus [ BE ], South Garage Squadra Veloce [ IT ], St Brooklyn Motorcycles [ FR ], KD Motorcycles [ BE ], Kradmelder Service [ GER ], Libner Racing [ FR ], Cafe Ricycles [ IT ], Bcan Race [ FR ] and last but not least Gasoline Culture [ GER ].

Lucky Cat Garage Team "Bombinette" #17
Venom Design "Sprintster"
Radical Guzzi "NOSferatu"
Sultans of Sprint Race Crew.
KD Motorcycles "Il Veloce"
Radical Guzzi Team"NOSferaturbo" #65
FCR Original Team "Crazy Bonnie" #7
NowhereFast Team #91
Schlachtwerk "Wasabi" #7
Kraftstoffschmiede Team "Hercules" #46
SouthGarage Squadra Veloce "the Drake" #69
Gasoline Culture Team "XT Punk" #31
Cafericycles Team "Nervous" #81
Radical Guzzi Team "NOSferatu" #66
Kradmelder Service Team "The Dark Side" #22
Lucky Cat Garage Team "Bombinette" #17
FCR Original Team "Crazy Bonnie" #7
Bcan Race Team "The Bee" #34
Camilla at work !
South Garage Squadra Veloce
special guest: Laurent Cochet !
VTR Motorrad Team "Polizia Uno" #33

Our thoughts & fast recovery wishes to our friend Ralph !

As he said himself few hours after getting surgery in St Raphael: “God of Speed suck” !
Ralph had a quite serious injury to his right leg while testing his “Moonraker” supercharged BMW few days before the finals. The transmission shaft of the beast broke and injured him quite badly. Thanks to all the friends on the spot the rescue team arrived quickly and Ralph was transported to the hospital where he has been taken immediately. After a first surgery to clean & stabilize the situation he has been safely transported back to Germany. He will recover soon and will be able to ride hopefully again with us next year.

We all can’t wait to see you jumping again on stage buddy !

Party Monster Bonus with stage diving contest presented by A-XOC

The Sultans of Sprint challenge rewards the performance of the teams & riders on the race track but also their creativity, sense of humour and party mood through the « Party Monster Bonus ». Saturday all teams were asked to perform a dance and a « stage diving » with their riders / mascots on the stage to celebrate the very last race of the season !

As we also place safety first this « stage diving » contest was presented by our partner A-XOC technology and riders were using their protective jacket on purpose ! This was a wonderful way to start the party at Sultans of Sprint booth Saturday night. Epic as usual !
Many thanks to Duvel beers & Sailor Jerry for supplying the Sultans of Sprint hospitality with nice drinks for all teams & guests.

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You can also win yourself a Shoei EX-ZERO helmet or a A-XOC protective gear or a Sultans of Sprint teeshirt !

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See you for the 2018 finals this week end !

Sultans of Sprint 2018 race #4 & finals in St Raphaël !

See you at Dandy Riders Festival from 28th to 30th september.

Sultans of Sprint 2018 finals will take place on the french Riviera at St Raphaël at Dandy Riders Festival 2018.
With double points for the participants of both classes (Factory & Freak Class) the challenge rankings are still quite opened and the results from the finals will decide of the 2018 champions !

We can’t wait to see you at Dandy Riders Festival from friday to sunday in the village at Santa Lucia harbour & especially on the Race Track on saturday from 14:00 to 16:00.
Please find out the link to googlemap for the race track location HERE !

Sultans of Sprint race #4 | SCHEDULE
Dandy Riders Festival | St Raphaël [ FR ]

Friday 28th september
12:00 – Dandy Riders Festival opening. [ Santa Lucia – St Raphaël ]
17:00 – Technical inspection of Sultans of Sprint Factory & Freak classes. [ Sultans of Sprint area / Santa Lucia ]
19:00 – Welcome briefing [ Sultans of Sprint area / Santa Lucia ]
20:00 – Dandy Riders Festival opening party [ Le Forum – Frejus ]

Saturday 29th september
10:00 – Warm up [ Santa Lucia – St Raphaël ]
11:30 – Race briefing [ Sultans of Sprint area / Santa Lucia ]
14:00 – Sultans of Sprint races [ Race Track / boulevard Delli Zotti – St Raphaël ]
20:30 – Sultans of Sprint podium/awards ceremony [ Santa Lucia / St Raphaël ]
21:00 – Sultans of Sprint Party Monster [ Santa Lucia / St Raphaël ]
22:00 – Live band & DJ set [ Santa Lucia / St Raphaël ]

Sunday 30th september
09:00 – Dandy Riders Festival opening. [ Santa Lucia / St Raphaël ]
18:00 – end of the event. [ Santa Lucia / St Raphaël ]

Sultans of Sprint race #4 | LOCATIONS
Dandy Riders Festival | St Raphaël [ FR ]

Dandy Riders Festival village is located at Santa Lucia harbour in St Raphaël. [ the all week end ! ]

Dandy Riders Festival opening party is located at Le Forum in Frejus. [ friday night only ! ]

>> Sultans of Sprint Race Track is located boulevard Delli Zotti in St Raphaël. [ saturday only ! ] <<