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Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge Round #3 & Finals @ Glemseck 101 REPORT

Super exciting #FactoryClass & #FreakClass races for the 2019 german round in Leonberg !

The 2019 Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass & #FreakClass Challenges kicked off with the final races at Glemseck 101 in Leonberg, Germany over the weekend of 30th, 31st august & 1st September. Very hot temperatures & sunny weather were the perfect conditions for the Sultans of Sprint finals on the legendary Solitude racetrack.

Glemseck 101 confirmed again to be the largest motorcycle open air festival in Germany with a massive crowd to visit the different exhibition places as well as the sprint races organized as every year on a perfect straight line.

The very spectacular racing from all Sultans of Sprint racers in both classes – and on their equally super spectacular machines – promises that we are in for an other awesome final round, which is bound to be full of surprises.

Here’s your round-up of Round 3 of these two Sultans of Sprint classes , along with the results from each class for the overall Sultans of Sprint 2019 season!

Technical Control powered by Motul & Rothewald

A complete technical control has been performed on Friday by the Glemseck 101 Crew to check on all bikes that they were compliant regarding safety. The Sultans of Sprint Race Crew has checked all bikes with a special focus on the Factory Class bikes.

All Sultans of Sprint Factory Class bikes were on top controlled to ensure they were perfectly fullfilling the power to weight ratio limitation to guarantee a fair competition between the very different sprintracer concepts involved in this specific class. Again the different teams have perfectly respected the technical requirements.

Technical Control presented by Motul & Rothewald

This Technical Control area was then used as a dedicated space for all contenders to wrench, fix or fine tuned their race bikes during the all week end thanks to the great Rothewald tools supplied by our friends from Louis Motorrad & Motul lubricants were at disposal of all contenders just in case.

Sultans of Sprint #FactoryClass challenge races @ Glemseck 101

BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson were presenting again their respective teams to show up what their sprintracers were able to on the strip.

Once again the power to weight ratio concept rules appeared again to be very relevant with some very tough battles between the riders to decide who was the fastest. On the german track with a perfect grip, all contenders showed up a high level of skills and great performance with very close results each time.

Sultans of Sprint area @Glemseck101 2019 with an amazing racing bike line up !
Nina / Sultans of Sprint flaggirl 2019

It was again Philipp Ludwig [GER] from Team Kraftstoffschmiede x BMW Motorrad #54 on his nitrous injected shift cam boxer BMW R1250RS « Achilles » who took the best ahead Curtis Wright riding at his best the Royal Enfield 650GT nitrous injected twin « Two Smoking Barrels » #04 from Team Royal Enfield x Sinroja Motorcycles finishing at a great 2nd place despite the smallest engine of the class with a capacity of 750cc.

Philipp Ludwig BMW Motorrad x Kraftstoffschmiede "Achilles" #54
Curtis Wright warming the tire of his Royal Enfield x Sinroja Motorcycles "Two Smoking Barrels" #04

Amelie Mooseder [GER] on her BMW R1200R nitrous oxyde injected « Spitfire » from Team VTR Customs x BMW Motorrad #85 finished at an awesome 3rd place for these finals. Amelie showed again that she is a real tough and serious competitor jumping on the bike for a fast run after a little accident on the start ! thumbs up Amy !

The Sultans of Sprint Challenge rewards also the teams for their creativity, their work on their race motorcycle as well as style & other crazy skills (like to perform the best burnouts or to have the loudest bike & rider !)

Sultans of Sprint Best Style Award 2019 presented by Indivisual Creative

The jury made of Indivisual Creative has decided which team had the best style combination bike design & rider outfit. The winner of this award is Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop Team #19 for the amazing work on the bike design as well as the racing outfit from Randy Mamola created by Alpinestars.

Sultans of Sprint Best Style Award 2019 presented by Indivisual Creative Engine winner: Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop Team #19 rider Randy Mamola

Sultans of Sprint Party Monster Bonus

The Sultans of Sprint « Party Monster Bonus » was this time a « Mascot Battle » straight after the Awards ceremony of the season and the best way to launch the legendary Sultans of Sprint Party at Glemseck 101.

While Dorsan, our DJ for this season, was spinning once again an outstanding selection of records  the Sultans of Sprint party was getting high & hot with most of participants, team members, friends & fans dancing next to the Sultans of Sprint booth until late !

As usual all team members were welcomed in the Sultans of Sprint hospitality for fresh beers, Sailor Jerry shooters and some Monster Energy cans in various flavours to keep partying hard until late (or to recover Sunday morning) !

Randy Mamola on Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse SS #19
Randy Mamola focused on the starting line / Team Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop #19
Amelie Mooseder on her BMW Motorrad x VTR Customs "Spitfire" #85
Taylor Mc Kenzie racing Harley Davidson "SprintGlide" #03

Taylor Mc Kenzie did extremly well on the super powerful Harley Davidson « SprintGlide » #03. With a new grippy rear tire the racing bagger was faster than ever on the 1/8 mile with its supercharged Milwaukee Eight engine.

 Randy Mamola [USA] did his best but this time the Indian 1200 Scout « Appaloosa » suffered from nitrous oxyde injection issues with a solenoïd failure. Using a wet nitrous system the bike was not running fat too rich and hasn’t its normal power level. The Team Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop #19 finished at 5th place.

Sultans of Sprint FACTORY class 2019

Sultans of Sprint FACTORY CLASS Challenge 2019 season standings

With double points for the finals the Sultans of Sprint 2019 Factory Class Challenge overall rankings are the following :

  1. Philipp Ludwig – BMW Motorrad x Kraftstoffschmiede Team #54 –R1250RS « Achilles ».
  2. Amelie Mooseder – BMW Motorrad x VTR Customs Team #85 –R1200R « Spitfire ».
  3. Curtis Wright – Royal Enfield x Sinroja Motorcycles Team #04 –650GT « Two Smoking Barrels ».
  4. Randy Mamola – Indian Motorcycle x Workhorse Speed Shop Team #19 –1200 Scout «  Appaloosa ».
  5. Taylor Mc Kenzie – Harley Davidson Team #03 –Street Glide « Sprint Glide ».
  6. Anthony Partridge – Yamaha x Partridge Design #77 –XSR 700 « Loca ».

Philip Ludwig comments : « I built this project with the support of BMW Motorrad to take the chance to enter the Factory Class. I worked hard after my regular job to create this machine with the help of my friend Kryztof Szews who took care of the bodywork design. I am very thanksful to my family, all the partners & friends involved & for sure my team to have supported me so well this season ! »


Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass Races @Glemseck 101

Simon Bronold Radical Guzzi "NOSferatu" #66

Sébastien Guillemot from FCR Original Team #07 was struggling with some air shifter and nitrous issues on « Crazy Bonnie » to pretend more victories.

He managed to take the best on the beautiful Triumph « Dragonfly2 » ridden by Tom Libner from Libner Racing Team #79.

Sebastien Guillemot FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie" #09
Sebastien Guillemot FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie" #09
Tom Libner Libner Racing Team "Dragonfly2" #79

Bad luck also for Dani Weidman VTR Motorrad Team #33, Enzo Libner Libner Racing Team #50, Jerôme Mazzon Venom Design Team #14, Nena Nicic Riverside Sailors Team #24, David Maric Moto Candy Race Division #44, Bernard Mont NowhereFast Team #91, Caroline Chapelon Riverside Goatkeepers Team #18, Carsten Hoffmann Kradmelder Service #22 & Tom Schicker Blackbull Team #52 who were kicked out of the competition after the first round.

Dani Weidmann VTR Customs BMW "Polizia Uno" #33
Simon Bronold Radical Guzzi "NOSferatu" #66
Carsten Hoffmann / Kradmelder Service "Dark Side" #22
Tom Schicker / Black Bull #52
Caroline Chapelon Riverside Goatkeepers "Buelldozer" #18
Jerome Mazzon Venom Design "Sprintster" #14
Nena Nicic Rivertown Sailors "Good Riddance" #24
Bernard Mont NowhereFast "NowhereFast" #91
Nena Nicic Rivertown Sailors "Good Riddance" #24
MotoCandy Race Division "Lolly Pop" #44

After two wins Yong Kim « Macaco » #25 – the Sultans of Sprint 2018 Freak Class Challenge Champion – did not succeed to take the best against Daniele Ghiselli #16.

Yong Kim "Macaco" Schlachtwerk "Skinny Beast" #25

Jo Hecht Gasoline Culture Team #31 on his naturally aspirated 2 valves BMW « XT Punk » did his very best against Philipp Ludwig Krafstoffschmiede Team #46 on his nitrous injected 4 valves BMW « Hercules » but once again no chance against the skills of this awesome rider and this incredibly fast machine.

Same for Max Mazzer from SouthGarage Team #69 who had to race against Philipp … and can’t do better despite the power of his Ducati « The Drake » built by South Garage Team.

Max Mazzer SouthGarage "The Drake" #69
Jo Hecht Gasoline Culture "XT Punk" #31 vs Phil Ludwig Krafstoffschmiede "Hercules" #46

Tough battle between Laurence Chatokhine on her nitrous injected BMW « Bombinette » from Lucky Cat Garage Team #17 against Rino Scala and his supercharged 4 valves BMW « Nervous ». Using a good shot of nitrous Laurence took the best finally.

Rino Scala Cafe Ricycles BMW "Nervous" #81
Laurence Chatokhine Lucky Cat Garage BMW "Bombinette" #17

Stefan Bronold Jr Radical Guzzi “NOSferaTWO” #86 won against Enzo Libner #50 but did not manage to take the win against Thomas Thoering #07.

Simon Bronold Jr / Radical Guzzi "NOSferaTWO" #86

Thomas Thoering – Freak Class challenge 2017 runner-up – created the suprise by managing to place his Kawasaki W « Wasabi » to the finals beating Laurence and her « Bombinette » which was facing some nitrous solenoïd issues.

The race for the first place was taking place between Phil Ludwig #46 and Thomas Thoering #07. Once again the BMW « Hercules » worked out perfectly and was flying to victory.

Phil Ludwig / Kraftstoffschmiede "Hercules" #46
Phil Ludwig #46 winner of the Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass round #3

For the third place Daniele Ghiselli #16  and his Ducati « Superhero » easily won against Laurence Chatokhine who was running without nitrous oxyde injection.

Daniele Ghiselli / SouthGarage "Superhero" #16

Sultans of Sprint FREAK CLASS Challenge 2019 season standings

With double points for the finals the Sultans of Sprint 2019 Factory Class Challenge overall rankings are :

  1. Philipp Ludwig – Kraftstoffschmiede Team #46 – BMW « Hercules ».
  2. Daniele Ghisellli – South Garage Motor Co Team #16 – Ducati « Superhero ».
  3. Laurence Chatokhine – Lucky Cat Garage Team #17 – BMW « Bombinette ».
Sultans of Sprint FreakClass Challenge 2019 final Podium


Special congratulations to the 2019 rookies :

Nena Nicic #24, Caroline Chapelon #18, Alberto Tili #88 and Tom Schicker #52 for this great first season.

Sultans of Sprint Special Awards 2019.

Sultans of Sprint Best Painjob Award presented by Gbrille

With an online vote from fans on the Gbrille Facebook fanpage the Best Paintjob Award finally rewarded rookie french team Riverside Goatkeepers #18 for their work on the beautifully made « Buelldozer » sprintracer. Congrats to Xavier & the all team !

Sultans of Sprint Best burnouts Awards 2019

The jury for this award was composed by the Sultans of Sprint Race & Show crew. The winners are for the best burnouts on the prestart zone :

  • Factory Class : Taylor McKenzie / Harley Davidson « SprintGlide » Team #03
  • Freak Class : Simon & Stefan Jr Bronold / Radical Guzzi Team #66 & #86

Sultans of Sprint Best Team Mascot Award 2019

The all Sultans of Sprint organization staff decided which team had the best mascot in terms of presence, involvment & story telling. The winnner for the Best Team Mascot Award is Freak Class team Cafe Ricycles #81 for their « Casa de Papel » mascots supported by Daje ! Well done guys !

Sultans of Sprint Best Mascot Award 2019
Cafe Ricycles Team #81 & Daje! Team Mascots !

Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass Challenge Sound Pressure Contest

For the pleasure of the Glemseck 101 visitors Sultans of Sprint was organizeing a « Sound Pressure Contest » Saturday & Sunday afternoon. The goal was clear : to make a maximum of noise !

A sound level meter was used to mesure how loud the 22 Sultans of Sprint #FreakClass riders are … to qualify for a second round measuring the sound level of the qualified 8 loudest riders.


It seems that Milwaukee powered FreakClass racers were clearly the loudest with the first place for Jérôme Mazzon Venom Design Team #14 and his Harley Davidson « Sprintster » followed by Rivertown Sailors Team #24 & Riverside Goatkeepers Team #18 !

Sultans of Sprint Challenge 2019 SPECIAL THANKS !

BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson & Yamaha for their support & involvment in the Sultans of Sprint FACTORY Class Challenge 2019

AXOC for the Antigravity Contest & support, GBrille for the support & good cleaning wipes, Motul for supplying a great support & free lubricants to all teams, Indivisual Creative for taking care of all the Sultans of Sprint challenge graphics, Evok3 Performance for the support, Louis Motorrad for supporting us with some great Rothewald tools
Dutch Ground Media for filming & editing all our videos, Sims Garage for creating super kool trophies, Monster Energy for keeping us alive with drinks, Camilla from Fresh Milk for the outstanding work on social medias, Sailor Jerry for fueling our parties.

Glemseck 101, Cafe Racer Festival & The Reunion for hosting the 2019 season races.

Our photographer friends : Gotz Goppert, Kati Dalek, Cyril Casagrande, David Marvier, Mitch Canon, Kerstin Streit, , Virgilio Sbrapman d’Ercole, Pepe Caggiano, Sebastien Lauer, Simon SKG, Mati Luke, Julien Muller, Kaou, Getifotographie, Polina Krasnova, Pascal Bléjean & Guillaume Ducasse.

The Sultans of Sprint organization crew & friends : Andreas our moderator and crazy entertainer, Marine our smiling shop manager, Fred & David our bartenders, Dorsan our insane DJ, Axel, Laura, Nina, Dan & Ralph our Race Crew, Ludwig our technical sound & light manager but also truck driver, François, Bernard & Jean-Claude for helping on the technical controls side, Jean Luc & his band, Olivier & Jérôme but also Philipp & the Hilston bar crew for their great support building & dismounting the Sultans of Sprint booth at Glemseck 101.

Thumbs up again to all the teams involved in Factory class & Freak class for this 2019 season.

Many thanks to all the fans & supporters who came to the different rounds abut also to all of you who are following Sultans of Sprint online through Facebook & Instagram !

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