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Dance against the rain at Bikers’Classics

Dance against the rain at Bikers'Classics

Rainy weather but big times for Sultans of Sprint at SPA Francorchamps !

Weather was not really good to race this year at Bikers’Classics on the beautiful location of SPA Francorchamps but all the organization crew did a great job to keep the mood of everyone at his best. Sultans of Sprint riders & team members were also in a great athmosphere within the Lifestyle Village organized by Thierry Dricot. All sprint racers were on display next to the bar and many classic racing enthusiasts enjoyed the Sultans of Sprint exhibition.
The visit of Fred Krugger’s workshop wasa real highlight for the Sultans of Sprint contenders and we had the great privilege to visit the 2 times AMD Custombike building World Champion. All enjoyed to discover Fred’s latest project on 4 wheels but especially to share & discuss about fabrication, design & customizing at large.

The Sultans of Sprint 2017 “Style & Engineering” Award results have been unveiled saturday after the race briefing and trophies given by Fred Krugger himself to #46 Krafstoffschmiede “Hercules” & #17 Lucky Cat Garage “Bombinette” for the first place & #3 Libner Racing Motorcycle “Dragonfly” for the third place ! A great moment also with Jens vom Brauck from JvB Motos who was also part of the 2017 jury.

Sultans of Sprint Challenge is more than sprint racing and the contenders have to tackle very special challenges besides the races. Sultans of Sprint is about racing but also pushing the creativity, fun & friendship at their maximum !
For the “Party Monster” bonus we decided to ask the riders to perform a “Dance Against the Rain” on stage sunday noon before leaving to join the starting line. Each rider scored a 10 points bonus thanks to this unexpected exercice …
Sultans of Sprint can’t be too shy !!!

Unfortunately this Sultans of Sprint “Dance Against the Rain” has not been enough and the straight line was still too wet to race in good safe conditions. After some test runs it has been decided to cancel the race but to do show runs instead for the pleasure of visitors & riders ! Smoke & big show with some very fast runs on a drying dragstrip ! It has been really good fun for the riders and a great opportunity to perform some very useful tests with their sprint racers.

Fred Krugger was a special Sultans of Sprint guest with race number #99 for the race on sunday.  Fred Krugger had a big time on the beautiful nine T modified by Workhorse speed shop in Belgium.

Many thanks to Bikers’Classics, DG Sport, Flo Jupsin & Thierry Dricot and many thanks to Roland Groteclaes for the amazing gift and his great artwork painted for Sultans of Sprint during the event !
Many thanks to Marc Holstein, Christine Gabler, Benjamin Givetogod, Benjamin Agence Push, Kati Dalek, Antje Roth for the photos & videos.

Find out all photos in Round #3 photo albums >> HERE ! <<

Video report coming soon … Stay tuned !

Sultans of Sprint 2017 standings after round #3.

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