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#91 No(s)where Faster

  • Sultans of Sprint: “Freak Class” #91
  • Rider: Bernard Mont
  • Bike: “Nowherefast”
  • Model: Ducati Doucoutils
  • Engine Capacity: 1000 CC
  • Engine Type: Air cooled / nitrous oxyde injected
  • Country: Belgium

Team Details

Bernard Mont is a crazy (and lovely) engineer from Belgium. He raced his “Nowhere Fast” Ducati featuring a spectacular home made front end derived from the Difazio system in 2017 … According to Bernard this super innovative and amazing front suspension can also help to get a good traction & avoid wheelies … so he decided to built himself a new sprintracer for the 2018 season ! For the 2019 the beast has been improved again … Watch out … NO(S)WHERE FASTER is coming !

Instagram: @bernard_mont