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Sultans of Sprint challenge

The Sultans of Sprint challenge is gathering motorcycle freaks from all over Europe to race their custom sprint bikes powered by air cooled twin cylinder engines. Not focused only on speed, performance and power the Sultans of Sprint challenge will also reward the contenders for their style, creativity and craziness.
The participating bikes are 100% custom built by the best custom workshops and enthusiasts. The bikes are powered by air or oil cooled 4 stroke engines up to 1400cc. The Sultans of Sprint is a class of its own … a race for turbocharged flying carpets built & raced by creative gearheads.



The ranking system is challenging for the contenders and will for sure rewards the performance & race results but also style and creativity of the teams : Your participation is expected to vote online on this website for your favorite teams and give them your fanboost for the SCARY FACTOR award !!!

Race points

10 points participation bonus for each event.
10 points for each winning rounds (except for the 3 first places)
35 points for the winner.
34 points for the second place.
33 points for the third place.

Double points for the last race event @ Glemseck 101 !

“Scary Factor” fanboost points
You are judging and choosing who will get the 50 points for the “Scary Factor”. The team who has the best frightening strategy should win and the votes will be opened in july. Stay tuned !

“Party Monster” bonus
The “Party Monster” bonus rewards the riders who are revving the party high ! All the riders who are taking part to the very end of the party will have a “party monster” bonus for 10 points at each round if they succeed to win the special challenge organized by our night life management crew. Sure the riders won’t need to be drunk or in a bad shape but to attend & set up the show on the dance floor or at the bar ! (10 points all riders/teams can win !).
The night life management crew is for the 2017 season our friends from Young Guns Speed Shop so get ready to party hard !

Virage8 “Style & Engineering” award
For 2017 this award will be decided 30% by a special jury of well known customizers and designers who are not taking part into the races and 70% by the participants who will have to vote for their favorite (it won’t be possible to vote for himself).
The decision of the jury and from participants will be based half on design/style/creativity creterias and half on engineering/technic/craftsmanship criterias. This award is organized by our friends from Virage8.
50 points to gain. (only one winning team).


Fotozino X Sultans of Sprint Challenge FANZINE
The winning team of this social media contest will get an extra 1000€ cash for the best fanzine (quality of content & number of shares & comments). Download Fotozino app and follow, comment, post pictures of your favorite team to participate in their fanzine. It’s a pure collaborative edition system you can then use to send by email or print.

Fotozino X Sultans of Sprint Challenge One

Our partner, sponsor & friend fotozino offers the chance to the Sultans of Sprint contenders 2016 to enter the Challenge One.
Download fotozino app and support your favourite team by liking, sharing & commenting their posts !

On Fotozino you will have the opportunity to take part to the Fotozino Sultans Of Sprint FANZINE just posting your own pictures with #sultansofsprint.



Technical Rules

The technical rules are simple: the bike has to be custom built and powered by an air or oil cooled twin cylinder four stroke engine.

The engine capacity allowed depends on engine type and superchargind system used:
max 1400cc / 2 valves without NOS/blower/turbo
max 1200cc / 2 valves with NOS or blower or turbo
max 1000cc / 2 valves with NOS and blower or turbo
max 1000cc / 4 valves without NOS/blower/turbo
max 900cc / 4 valves with NOS or blower or turbo
max 800cc / 4 valves with NOS and blower or turbo

Fuel and shifter are free. Frame has to be an original or modified original. Swingarm can be extented up to 20% of its original length. Rear tire is maximim 160mm width.
The bike shall be equipped with:
oval number plates (28,1×23,7cm)
brake system on both wheels
safety wires on oil drain plugs
kill switch mounted on the handlebar
fuel petcock

For safety reasons the rider must be equipped properly with a ECE full face helmet, leather jacket & pants, boots and gloves.