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Oil in the Blood now available !

A film about motorcycle people !

This isn’t a film about motorcycles, it’s a film about motorcycle people.

Three years and three hundred interviews in the making, ‘Oil In The Blood’ is the definitive examination of the global custom motorcycle phenomenon. A culture that has exploded from a niche within a niche, to exerting considerable influence over the mainstream motorcycle industry. The documentary includes some Sultans of Sprint bites showing how the challenge is combining custom culture with drag racing.

A maker movement that champions individuality over mass consumerism, the custom culture has revitalised motorcycling, renewing an interest in building and maintaining machines, encouraging unprecedented levels of creativity and experimentation whilst attracting a new generation onto two wheels. Motorcycles have become cool again.

The film is available worldwide from October 14th 2019 in all formats.

The film will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Google.

In the UK it will also be available on Sky and Virgin Media.

The digital download can be preordered on iTunes.

The Blu Ray and DVD are available for preorder here.

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