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Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge Round #3 & Finals PREVIEW @ Glemseck 101

Race preview: Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge round #3.

Glemseck 101 - Leonberg - Germany.

After two rounds of Sultans of Sprint 2019 Challenge in Monza (Italy) & Monthléry (France) we’re heading to the biggest german motorcycle open air festival that is Glemseck 101 on august 30th/31st & september 1st.

This race counts as round 3 & finals of our European challenge and will gather again the fastest & craziest motorcycle sprintracing teams from all over Europe.
Harley Davidson, BMW Motorrad, Indian Motorcycle, Royal Enfield & Yamaha will be with us to exhibit & race their #factoryclass bikes along with all #freakclass teams !

The Sultans of Sprint #factoryclass & #freakclass races will take place SATURDAY 31st september. You’ll be able to follow the races live on our Instagram account saturday 31st september if network has enough capacity.

After the races on saturday we will be happy to welcome you for the Sultans of Sprint Awards & Prize giving on the Sultans of Sprint stage next to our booth. Then the legendary Sultans of Sprint party will take place and will start with the Sultans of Sprint Party Monster bonus will involved riders, bikes & mascots so don’t miss it !

Sunday the qualified #FreakClass teams will enter the Sound Pressure Contest and will show us how loud rider & bike can be !

All week end please come & say hi to meet the riders, teams & their crazy machines at our booth in the Glemseck 101 2019 village. Our shop will be also be opened with all the official Sultans of Sprint merchandising !

We just can’t wait to race & party in Germany !

Running order & racing times

Here’s the information we have on the timings for Sultans of Sprint @Glemseck 101:
(timing may vary a bit

Friday 30th August
17:00 – Glemseck 101 2019 event opening.
19:00 – 21:00 – Technical Control for both classes.
21:00 – Wheel of Fortune starting grid pick up. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
22:00 – end of day.

Saturday 31st June
09:00 – event opening.
11:00 – 101 Racers briefing at 101 main stage.
13:00 – Sound Pressure Contest Qualifying for #FreakClass. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
15:00 – Sultans of Sprint Parade.
15:30 – 17:30 – SULTANS OF SPRINT #FactoryClass & #FreakClass RACES.
18:15 – Sultans of Sprint presentation at Glemseck 101 Stage.
20:30Awards & prize giving at Sultans of Sprint area. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
21:00 – Sultans of Sprint Party Monster Bonus.
01:00 – end of day.

Sunday 1st September
13:00 – 14:00 – Sound Pressure Contest for #FreakClass. (Sultans of Sprint stage).
14:30 – Prize giving at Sultans of Sprint area for Sound Pressure Contest.
18:00 – end of Glemseck 101.

Sultans of Sprint 2019 | Race 2 - part.3

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