Welcome to Sultans Of Sprint

See you at Midnight Garage Festival !

This week end, Sultans of Sprint will be at Midnight Garage Festival in Paris.

Not less than 8 iconic race machines will be exhibited in a dedicated area: VTR Customs “Polizia Uno”,  Mellow Motorcycles “Frankenstein”, Schlachtwerk “Skinny Beast”, Lucky Cat Garage “Bombinette”, Libner Racing “The Blue Racer”, FCR Original “Crazy Bonnie”, St Brooklyn Motorcycles “L’Etonnante” and Venom Design “The Sprintster”

Friday night we will have the pleasure to give the Fotozino award for the team which created the best fanzine during the 2017 season & the Group Libner award for the best motorcycle bodywork this year.

Our friend Cyril Casagrande will exhibit some shots from the Sultans of Sprint season along with Sims Garage lights on our booth.

The Sultans of Sprint wheel of fortune will be yours to try to win a unique SHOEI JO, goodies from Dickies, Lucky Cat Garage, Gentlemen’s Factory, Atelier Nord & Sims Garage !

Saturday 5:30 pm you will have the chance to discover a sneak preview of the Sultans of Sprint 2017 season movie by Givetogod.

See you there mates !!!

Author: Lorentz

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