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Photos from Wheels & Waves & Cafe Racer Festival are online !

Awesome shots from Biarritz round #1 & Monthléry round #2

Sultans of Sprint photos

many many thanks to our photographer friends who did tons of great shots from the Sultans of Sprint races saturday & sunday: Laurent Nivalle, Marc Holstein, Daniel Beres, Cyril Casagrande, Aurore de Bettignies, Guillaume Ducasse, fotography K, Laurent Scavone, MJ Studio, Christine Gabler & Doud XIII. You can find all these wonderful shots on sultansofsprint.com/events-photos.

Next Sultans of Sprint race is now scheduled beginning of september in Glemseck 101 (GER) but before you’ll be able to vote for your favourite team for the best crew style fanboost award 1st of july !

Stay tuned  !

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